Now Plastics, suppliers of films and aluminum foil, is now targeting European markets with a line of films made from 60 to 90 per cent PCR PET resin.

The European Union has recently outlined a stringent policy on single-use plastics as part of its transition to a more circular economy for plastics. As a result, Germany, France and the United Kingdom have all taken steps to heighten restrictions on all plastics used in food packaging.

The PCR PET films offered by Now Plastics are especially geared to the consumer packaged goods (CPG) industry and will enable European converters and manufacturers to comply with the new sustainability goals. The films use an extremely high content of recycled PET materials which have been fully sanitized and reconfigured into film grade resin, making it environmentally sensitive and 100% compliant with sustainability requirements.

The resins used to produce PET films are manufactured from recycled post-consumer grade PET bottles using state of the art technology, and are fully approved by the FDA and EU for use in food contact and other product applications. They exhibit the same performance specifications of other PET films, offering high impact strength and extremely effective barrier properties against water, carbon dioxide, oxygen and nitrogen.

According to Now Plastics CEO, Larry Silverstein, "Our high content PCR PET resin films can make an important contribution to the rapid transition to a circular economy for plastics in Europe. By using these very high PCR content films in the consumer packaged goods (CPG) industry, European converters can meet sustainability goals and deliver to their customers, and ultimately to consumers, the lowest packaging cost possible."