NESTRO Lufttechnik GmbH will showcase three system components for the paper and corrugated board industry at drupa: a cardboard and paper shredder, a shredding fan, and a filter for dedusting areas of operation.

The company explains that the rise of the Internet of Things (IoT) and Services in paper and cardboard factories provides relevant information in real time by connection all partners involved in value creation and monitoring their flow.

Industry 4.0 is thought to alter procedures and accelerate processes, and is anticipated to advance the individualization of the end product.

As companies increase their focus on setup, downtime, maintenance times, energy efficiency, and/or recycling quotas, NESTRO hopes that its systems will help tackle the challenges head-on while ensuring energy efficiency and sustainability.

NESTRO’s two-element JET intermediate filter NSJ 9/5-3370 comes with a total height of over 9m and an air output of 15,420 m3/h. Visitors will be able to look at the illuminated interior of the modular series filter – wherein the filter area, discharge area, and chamber with the vacuum fans arranged above the filter unit will all be visible – through numerous viewing windows.

The filter is made of a 3mm Sendzimir-galvanized steel sheet. Its inner edge is designed for pressure of up to 6,000 PA, and JET compressed air pulses are used to clean the filter sector by sector, enabling continuous operation.

Individual equipment with filter cartridges or hoses, alongside various discharges, is set to result in tailor-made solutions for indoor or outdoor installation.

A new high-speed shredder will also be on display. Designed to shred paper and cardboard for use in vacuum transport, the vertical NSV 1000 is said to shred up to 12,000 sheets with a maximum thickness of 15mm and a maximum sheet width of 1000mm.

The single-shaft shredder’s hardened blades have apparently performed well in live tests, providing customers with a reliable shredding process.

NESTRO will present a cut-away model of its shredding fan for pneumatically transported material. In hopes of preventing damage during the shredding process and stabilizing wear on the engine bearings, its rotors are manufactured with a type of thick steel thought to increase bending strength.

As such, the fan is said to be easy to operate, offer an efficiency increase of up to 38% in certain designs and materials, and last for years after installation.

NESTRO’s contributions will be on display at Stand B61 in Hall B1.

Other companies will present their own solutions at drupa 2024. For example, LEIPA will preview a digitally printable solid board substrate developed alongside and Xeikon. Customers can use it to print personalized images, barcodes, sequential numbers, and more directly onto carton packaging.

Fujifilm’s contribution includes a water-based ink, a ‘processless’ plate for offset printing, and a printing press that utilizes dry toner for compatibility with paper packaging.

In other news, Roded Recycling Industries and Aran previously revealed a combined recycling process in which agricultural plastic film waste and Bag In Box laminates were cleaned, shredded, processed, and manufactured into new raw material.

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