Immertia AI and AR

With a simple scan of a product in the supermarket aisle, you can ask any question and receive an accurate answer, all through a spoken command! Australia-based creative agency Immertia is at it again with the release of its MVP (Minimum Viable Product) demonstrating a new way consumers can engage with products, providing instant access to information, personalised recommendations and a truly seamless shopping experience, it claims.

The company says MVP empowers the shopper with knowledge and confidence like never before, whilst enabling brands to maintain control over the information that’s ultimately delivered.

The two heroes in this transformation? Augmented Reality (AR) and Artificial Intelligence (AI). AR breathes digital life into physical packaging, making it interactive, engaging, and informative, right through the lens of a smartphone. AI, on the other hand, brings a human-like intelligence to packaging, answering product-related questions and even offering personalised suggestions.

What happens when you blend these two? A revolution in the packaging sector that enhances consumer engagement, empowers decision-making, and revolutionises branding and promotions says Dave Chaffey, managing director at Immertia.

“Think data is just for your digital marketing strategy? Think again! With AR and AI, every interaction with your packaging can turn into valuable data, offering insights into consumer behaviour and needs,” he explains.

The path to adoption might seem challenging, but the barriers are rapidly diminishing as these technologies become more user-friendly and mainstream. With 75% of the global population apparently predicted to be frequent AR users by 2025, the future of packaging is primed for a tech-enabled revolution. Every sector - from food and beverage to cosmetics, pharmaceuticals, and beyond - can expect to feel the transformative power of smart packaging.

In this era of tech-driven packaging, every product tells a story, and every consumer interaction becomes a journey of discovery.

This is the first-round version of MVP; the second will be faster, and the third introduces a human-like hologram with more natural voice to speak to the consumer. Technical developer Luke Chaffey and his team are a long way towards completion of the three according to Immertia, which believes it’s time to embrace the possibilities and get ready to shop smarter, faster, and with unparalleled confidence!

The mantra of the company is that today’s packaging isn’t just a container, it’s a dynamic touchpoint that captivates, informs, and fosters an emotional connection with consumers.

This article was created in collaboration with AIPIA (the Active and Intelligent Packaging Industry Association). For a full update on active and intelligent packaging, come along to the AIPIA World Congress (co-organized by Packaging Europe) in Amsterdam on 14-15 November. The only smart packaging event covering the entire technology spectrum, the World Congress is a meeting place for the global active and intelligent packaging industry where brand owners, innovators, and other stakeholders can network and see and discuss the latest trends and innovations. Register to attend here.