Holmen Iggesund creator kit beauty unboxing

In this edition of the Spotlight, Holmen Iggesund tells us how beauty brands are facing a more complex consumer landscape than ever. The new generation of consumers is redefining what they consider luxury and premium, expecting brands to address sustainability and inclusivity in their offerings. To meet these demands, conscious brands must develop in several areas – not least, packaging.

The beauty industry is transforming into more responsible offerings, and packaging is evolving alongside it. Conscious consumers call for responsible choices when it comes to packaging, extending all the way from sustainable materials and manufacturing processes to forethought end-of-life scenarios.

“The look and feel of packaging has always been important,” says Johan Nellbeck, CEO of Holmen Iggesund. “But that’s no longer enough. Today, premium brands must address how their packages are manufactured, what they are made of, and whether they allow for more inclusive communication.”

Exploring the future of purposeful packaging requires collaboration across the value chain in the beauty and packaging industry. Drawing inspiration and learning from each other is vital to developing sustainable beauty packaging solutions that create a seamless brand experience for consumers. To spark the conversation, Holmen Iggesund developed the Creator Kit Beauty.

“Holmen Iggesund has a long track record of working with some of the world’s most prestigious brands, particularly beauty brands. The Creator Kit Beauty will give us an opportunity to explore with our customers what’s next in the beauty industry and the possibilities with our premium paperboard.”

Holmen Iggesund - Johan Nellbeck

CEO of Holmen Iggesund, Johan Nellbeck.

Four global trends

The kit is built around four beauty trends expected to evolve in 2024: beauty in biodiversity, inclusive beauty, natural health, and zero-waste beauty. With the iconic paperboard Invercote, Holmen Iggesund has translated these trends into creative paperboard solutions and effects to make them more tangible than brochures or videos. Another aspect of the kit is the sustainable material used.

“Our paperboard, Invercote, is renewable, recyclable and completely biodegradable with a low climate impact. It is made from leftover wood parts from Holmen’s sustainably managed forests, and the energy used in the manufacturing process is bio or hydro-based,” says Johan Nellbeck.

Holmen Iggesund natural health

Discovering what’s next together

The Creator Kit Beauty is an invitation to brand owners and other stakeholders to join in creative workshops and discussions.

“To us, the real value is the opportunity to co-create and share knowledge,” says Johan Nellbeck.

“Some brand owners will want to start with the packaging and the creative possibilities. Others will have shifting consumer behaviour and business challenges foremost in their minds. There, the kit can guide them towards concrete changes. The Creator Kit Beauty offers so many opportunities.”

Are you curious about these trends and how they affect the packaging industry? Visit iggesund.com/creatorkitbeauty.

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