Hoffmann Neopac has introduced a tamper-evident version of its Nozzle Tube solution.

Suitable for topical disinfectant solutions, eye ointments, creams and gels, and certain oral care products, the tubes are available with 1.1mm orifices, and feature a ribbed cap for ease of use.

Neopac hopes that the tubes’ tamper-evident closure can help to guarantee supply chain integrity for end-user safety and reassurance.

Available in sizes from 13.5-19mm for volumes from 3-8ml, the tubes utilize Neopac’s Polyfoil technology, comprising a proprietary blend of materials that reportedly provides advanced barrier properties for products requiring ample protection against moisture, oxygen, and other potentially harmful external factors.

The small tubes are manufactured at Neopac’s production plant in Wilson, North Carolina. The 37,000-square-foot plant features a high-speed tube line that is apparently capable of producing some 80 million tubes annually.

“The tamper-evident nozzle tubes help prevent counterfeiting and other illicit actions even in the smallest of tube solutions – a niche for which such safeguarding measures can be difficult to implement given the package’s tiny size,” said Jackie De Rose, the company’s new US Sales Manager.

Neopac’s tamper-evident Nozzle Tube meets production hygiene standards ISO 9001 & ISO 15378, and its materials comply with FDA 21 CFR USPVI.