Covering more, penetrating more, finding more and stopping less:  the focus of the HEUFT exhibition presence at FachPack 2019 on Stand 3-405 will be on genuine X-ray innovations for even more performance not only when detecting foreign objects reliably at the end of the line.

Completely new perspectives regarding the careful and precise X-ray inspection will open up at the important industry get-together at the end of September in Nuremberg.  And not only in the true sense of the word due to considerably more flexibility when combining, arranging and aligning exclusive X-ray flash modules which the further developed HEUFT eXaminer II XS now has to offer for a space-saving foreign object detection at the end of the line.  The systems engineers have also perfected the unique pulsed X-ray technology altogether for all the systems of the HEUFT eXaminer II series to be showcased.

It offers real innovations especially during the generation of X-ray pulses only lasting a millisecond as well as in terms of real-time image conversion and processing.  On the one hand this provides significantly more coverage:  the risk that certain areas of the packaging, possibly contaminated with dangerous foreign objects, remain unexamined is practically eliminated.  A single X-ray unit is often enough for the gapless complete inspection of smaller packaging materials such as bags of biscuits.  The inspection even covers extra high full containers with two of them using a straight or an oblique angle of vision.

In addition each individual X-ray flash now penetrates significantly larger packaging volumes and product quantities than before so that the reliable identification of foreign objects or product incompleteness, for example in particularly large size food cans or entire trays, is possible.

And all this with an optimised lifetime for all the X-ray modules.  Therefore standstills and loss of production are virtually eliminated.  This is because the user is informed in advance so that he still has enough time for preventive maintenance before the total failure of important parts can occur.  Essential X-ray components are even integrated redundantly:  if one fails the other takes over directly so that the entire filling or packaging line does not have to be stopped immediately – as with a car which not only has a spare wheel but also a fully adequate spare tyre.  The only difference here is that there is no need to change the tyre because the function is carried out automatically without manual intervention.  Due to this cross-device X-ray innovation the respective end-of-line system can be declared without hesitation as a critical control point (CCP) which must be available around the clock every day of the year.

From the compact HEUFT eXaminer II XS to the space-saving full container inspection via the HEUFT eXaminer II XT pipeline inspector to the HEUFT eXaminer II XBL top-down inspector:  all three X-ray systems of the new generation to be shown at FachPack already feature the further developed pulsed X-ray technology – and therefore simply achieve more coverage, penetration and detection accuracy as well as a significantly longer life cycle with minimum radiation!

The following can also be experienced live and in action on the HEUFT stand:  the HEUFT ONE for a smart entry to a marking or fill level and closure examination for full containers as well as the HEUFT PRIME for even more possibilities when checking full containers.  The HEUFT squeezer II QS and the HEUFT SPECTRUM II ATEX are two further systems of the new generation which, amongst other things, carry out leakage checks on filled food containers and aerosol cans.

Therefore completely new perspectives will open up on Stand 3-405 at FachPack from 24 to 26 September 2019 in Nuremberg not only in terms of a careful and precise X-ray inspection at the end of the line. Quality, safety and efficiency:  this is what matters when filling and packaging food, drinks and pharmaceuticals!  The modular solutions from HEUFT SYSTEMTECHNIK GMBH put these key factors into practice simply and effectively.  They ensure, during maximum productivity, that only perfect products reach the market.  Unique camera, X-ray and image processing technologies for a precise empty and full container inspection, trend-setting labelling technology and smart tools for container flow optimisation, production data acquisition and performance analysis safeguard product quality and line efficiency sustainably!  

A consistent modular design principle with a cross-system control unit for the most varied technologies, procedures and modules generates, together with a high component equality, the correct automation solution for every application.  Those who decide in favour of a user-friendly HEUFT system can depend on a high level of operational reliability.  Competent support is always guaranteed with the long-term availability of spare parts and the 24/7 on call service.  This concept keeps the globally operating company on a dynamic course of growth.  In the meantime the number of employees has long since exceeded the 1,000 mark.  Its own locations in 18 different countries and a comprehensive network of service bases on all five continents meet the huge demand for the HEUFT systems.