Following the introduction of its Greenline range in 2019, monta has calculated its Product Carbon Footprint (PCF) and taken measures to compensate for “unavoidable” CO2 emissions.

monta’s Greenline range offers self-adhesive tapes made with sustainable raw materials, according to the company.

monta adds that, in collaboration with ClimatePartner, it aimed to go “one step further” in its commitment to sustainability by calculating its carbon footprint.

This collaboration produced two calculations: Corporate Carbon Footprint (CCF), which includes heating, energy, business trips, and office supplies; and Product Carbon footprint, incorporating raw materials, packaging, logistics and disposal.

According to monta, it will offset its CO2 emissions by supporting climate protection projects. It claims to have offset 831 tonnes of CO2 in its first year, which reportedly makes all monta Greenline products purchased from August 2021 onwards carbon neutral.

The Greenline core range will be marked with a “climate neutral” label, which allows customers to track its climate neutrality and learn about climate protection projects via its ClimatePartner-ID: 16029-2107-1001.

One of the climate protection projects monta is supporting is based in Gunung Salak, Indonesia, where geothermal heat is used to produce steam for electricity-generating turbines, reportedly increasing the share of green electricity in the country. It adds that this project contributes to six of the UN’s 17 Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs).

The second project, monta says, is in Virunga, D.R. Congo, and is VCS certified. This project involves generating electricity through hydropower, apparently giving four million people access to electricity for the first time, and contributes to 11 of the SDGs.

Earlier this month, monta unveiled reTec 831, designed to seal medium-heavy to heavy boxes, which has a natural rubber adhesive and a film backing made entirely of European post-industrial recyclate. In addition, monta’s biopack range allegedly consists of around 90% renewable materials, with a bio-based PLA film coated in natural rubber adhesive.

monta will present its Greenline tape range as an exhibitor at this year's Fachpack, which will run from the 28th to the 30th of September 2021.