Mondi has partnered with German pet food maker Mera Tiernahrung GmbH on an innovative packaging concept for a new type of dog food.

Mera realised that this type of pet food – semi-moist croquettes – would require bespoke packaging to keep the chewable morsels fresh and moist for the duration of the product’s life span, while also endeavoring to be being sustainable by design.

Using its EcoSolutions approach, Mondi recommended a pack that it thought would address the practical aspects of food preservation without compromising on sustainability.

“Mondi’s FlexiBag Recyclable is a mono-material, polyethylene-based product with a barrier that is fully recyclable. This 12.5 kg bag is the largest of its kind using recyclable packaging in the pet food sector,” says Fitore Loshaj, regional sales DACH for Mondi Consumer Flexibles.

The bag has a tight seal with the aim of ensuring long-term freshness and protecting the pet food inside. The packaging is fitted with a special one-way valve, which only vents from the inside to the outside. Mondi says that this allows excess air to escape, improving transport when palletizing the filled packages. The resealable zipper reportedly makes it easy for the consumer to open and close the bag, and the company says that the attractive matt external finish helps the packaging to catch the eye on the shelf.

According to Mondi, Institute cyclos–HTP GmbH, the Institute for Recyclability and Product Responsibility, has independently tested and certified the material, rating it as 95% recyclable in those areas where suitable recycling infrastructures are in place.

“The adoption of FlexiBag Recyclable for this application advances Mera down the path toward increased sustainability. Sustainability is a top priority for us, and working together with Mondi to make our packaging better for the environment was a logical next step to help meet our goals. Mera is the first company in the pet food sector to be certified by the TÜV Rheinland according to the ZNU standard of sustainable management,” said Mera Managing Director, Felix Vos.

According to the Mondi/Dow Premium Pet Packaging survey, customers are beginning to pay more attention to the bag itself along with its contents. In the same study, one in three pet owners apparently claimed they would switch to a brand that offers more sustainable packaging.