U. Control Packaging, LLC is excited to announce Cosmopak Corporation will be integrating UCP's patented SqueezeControl® technology across a line of new and exclusive packaging designs. 

Created by UCP's award-winning niche brand, LashControl®, Cosmopak's new designs will share the same SqueezeControl® flexible wiper feature. The SqueezeControl® sleeve is designed to be ergonomic and intuitive. 

By squeezing the flex-wiper sleeve with finger pressure as the brush is pulled out, excess formula is wiped off and stays inside the tube. Mascara packaging with SqueezeControl® allows the customer to decide exactly how much mascara is on the brush every time. Because the 360° elastomeric sleeve bends, it also allows the brush to tilt inside and be swirled around the interior edges of the bottle, reaching all the formula inside and thus reducing waste. 

Brand-specific options will include a selection of exterior shapes, brush styles, component material and finish. A wide range of colourization will be available for the Squeeze-Control® wiper sleeve. Cosmopak's mascara packaging designs with SqueezeControl® provide an interactive solution to clumping, tailing, and claims to be more sanitary than traditional packaging.

MUA and influencer application tips and techniques often include "pumping" the brush to prime the formula, or to wipe off excess formula using a tissue or by scraping along the edge of the tube. 

However, according to UCP "pumping" tends to "pump in" airborne bacteria and dry out the formula. And, "wiping with a tissue or scraping the brush" unfortunately picks up fibres and other foreign particles that then travel back inside the tube causing clumps and bacterial growth. Packaging incorporating the SqueezeControl® flex-wiper sleeve mitigates these threats and improves the customer experience by giving more control during the application process. Launch date for Cosmopak's new packaging designs are expected to begin in the autumn/winter 2019. 

"We believe our collaboration with Cosmopak is a terrific growth opportunity for UCP/LashControl® and is in keeping with our long-term licensing objectives for our patented, trademarked dispensing system.", says inventor and U. Control Packaging founder, Jennifer Paulson-Lee." "We are excited to share our new exclusive packaging designs incorporating this game-changing innovation in the coming months. Turnkey options will also be available with a range of customization specific to brand image.", says Cosmopak global president, Walter Dwyer. 

"This is going to be big," says DMR Packaging/Cosmopak USA president, Bart Wolfe.