Asepto Spark offers a unique holographic and metallic pack range, giving customers countless possibilities to modify their existing packs or create a new brand proposition to their existing line of products. Asepto Spark enhances the aesthetic and functional elements of the carton packs, giving a distinct identity. With Asepto Premium, the metallic look achieved through flexo printing technology gives the option of foil stamping, embossing and 3-D Fresnel Lens holographic effects, distinguishing the pack. These features enhance the identity of packs and prevent counterfeiting. We have 25 years of experience in the area of form fill seal machines, and our Asepto Smart filling lines complete our aseptic liquid packaging solution offering. The Asepto Smart 78 machine has received positive feedback from the market.

What makes Asepto different from other beverage packs?

The aseptic packaging industry has offered nothing substantially new to customers in last 20 years. In the FMCG packaging space, for example, massive upgrades have been happening in terms of printing and aesthetics, but not in the aseptic packaging industry, so we saw a huge opportunity to change that. With our various types of foil stamping, 3D printing on packaging and embossing, our packaging is standing out, and, 95% of the time, if packaging stands out consumers will put it in their shopping basket. Of course it is a given that we will keep the product fresh.  It is important while functional property remains best standard in the world, the aesthetic part really shines and stands out. In any store in North America, Europe or Asia right now, you will see bricks that look the same, with at the most maybe laminated films on them, and we are going to change that.

How do Asepto’s special effects protect against counterfeiting?

A major counterfeit prevention is the capital barrier. Counterfeiting in the aseptic brick industry requires a massive investment.  As we have a technology that nobody else in the world is offering, our products are 100% counterfeit proof by that virtue.

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