The first circular KeyKegs are now ready to be filled, transported, used and ...reused for new KeyKegs again.jpg

First circular KeyKeg

At drinktec, Lightweight Containers displayed the first circular KeyKeg, consisting of approximately 10% used KeyKegs. The company intends to keep increasing this amount by collecting as many used KeyKegs as possible to reuse for producing new KeyKegs. Jan Veenendaal, CEO of LWC, says, “We believe that there is only a future for sustainable companies and their suppliers, who together make circular products. Ultimately there’s only room for products that don’t harm the environment. We’re working with the most advanced environmental management software and we know where in our operations we still can improve our performance. So we realise all the more that we can’t do this without working together with suppliers, our supply chain and the recycling industry. It’s very encouraging that all these parties are so willing to work with us, and are helping us to make KeyKeg a circular product.”