In order to prepare Kotkamills Absorbex Oy, a subsidiary of Kotkamills Oy and the leading global supplier of Laminating Papers, to meet the increasing demand, as well as to replace the discontinuing production volume of Paper Machine 7 in Tainionkoski, Imatra (Stock Exchange release on the 3rd of July 2017), Kotkamills Oy has started the pre-feasibility study of a new Paper Machine 3 (PM 3) in Kotka.

The final decision of this possible investment will be done by the end of year 2018. The capacity, cost estimation and start-up timing of the the PM 3 will be published later on subject to the positive investment decision.

After the possible start-up of the PM 3, Kotkamills Oy is maximizing the integration advantages of the Kotka site. In addition to the efficient investment cost of PM 3 to the already available infrastructure, the energy and fixed costs per produced volumes of the whole integrated site would be lower than today. The possible investment would have a positive impact on the profitability of Kotkamills Group.

In addition to the possible PM 3, Kotkamills Absorbex Oy will subcontract certain Laminating Paper grades from one or more European paper companies. First Laminating Paper trial reels from an external producer have already been delivered to a customer of Kotkamills Absorbex Oy.

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