Tropical, colourful and calming; the Lani collection of 100% natural, 100% vegan hair and body treatment products are now even more stylish with luxury packaging design. With a vision to match the vibrancy of the brand to its packaging, Lani turned to the expertise of packaging specialist Keenpac to bring its brand wrapping to life.

Lani is a UK based company that specialises in tropical, natural, vegan and cruelty-free skin and hair care. The products are all hand-made in small batches every week to maximize freshness and to ensure every product is made with absolute care and precision. Only the highest quality, food grade ingredients are used – and the business avoids using any artificial preservatives, fragrances or chemicals. This means the Lani products are 100% natural, and 100% fabulous. 

Founder and CEO of Lani, Viola Radomsky, said; “My interest in cruelty-free, vegan and natural prod-ucts started after I made the transition to a vegan lifestyle in 2013. I became more conscious of what I was putting on my skin and hair and no longer wanted to use products with unrecognisable ingredients that may have also been tested on animals. The first product I made was an oil blend which I used as a hair mask, it became the bestselling Tropical Hair Treatment and it was this product that inspired me to found Lani in May 2014.

’With striking colour and tropical values the Lani brand is elegant and attention grabbing. The new retail box packaging by Keenpac had to capture this vibrancy and elevate the brand.

Key Account Manager at Keenpac, Warren Bennett, concludes; “Lani first came to Keenpac as their existing box packaging didn’t reflect the vibrancy of the brand and the box insert wasn’t fit for purpose.

After sampling various styles we decided on a two-piece rigid presentation box produced using a rigid board covered with a coated art paper printed from CMYK with a reversed out white debossed logo and matt lamination. For the insert we used a bright white foam to really bring out the colour of the product and provide great protection at the same time.

Working with Lani has been an extremely enjoyable experience and I am really pleased with the end result - a bright and beautiful gift box that looks great and performs very well!”