The Jokey Euro Tainer Box JETB 12 has been one of the most successful packages in the Jokey range for two decades. After a thorough model update, the fourth generation of the bestseller is now available. The result: around 15 percent less weight. The small bucket has proved its worth particularly in the food industry. Its great strength is its optimal recyclability thanks to mono material. In terms of sustainability, it also convinces due to its reusability.

In the current environmental debate, plastic packaging is no easy matter, and seen as waste that contaminates the world's oceans. The tasks and benefits of packaging are overlooked, as are the outstanding physical efficiency of plastic packaging and its recyclability. The view must be more differentiated.  

Jokey's product developments show that modern plastic packaging can meet the highest demands in terms of functionality and sustainability. With its product innovation programmes, Jokey consistently pursues the goal of saving material and realising plastic packaging that conserves resources as much as possible without having to compromise on functionality. Thanks to intelligent design and innovative production processes, packaging characteristic such as stability, resistance to breakage and user-friendliness are continuously improved.

"We have always attached great importance to the use of homogeneous materials. They form the basis for a great variety of functionally convincing packaging solutions and an effective, high-quality recycling result in the downstream recycling processes as part of a circular economy," explains Ralf Kemmerich, COO of the Jokey Group. 

Simply plastic

The new JETB 12 - which will in future be part of the Jokey Slim Line (JSL) model series and will have the name JSLB 12 - is a great example of sustainable packaging. The single-material container is homogeneous and free of foreign materials such as paper and metal, which could negatively affect subsequent recycling. A material separation by the consumer is not necessary. Less is more - this is also shown by the material savings: wall thicknesses, design details and production technology of the container were subjected to a feasibility study so that the small bucket could be trimmed to an optimum volume, which saves raw materials and CO2. The operating weight could be reduced by almost 15 percent compared to the previous generation and by more than 40 percent less compared to the first generation. "You can't tell by looking at it, but since the beginning of 2000 the small bucket has been one of the most exciting products in our range. Thanks to many technical innovations in detail, it has been possible to push the limits of feasibility further and further and to considerably reduce the material costs - a fascinating improvement process," reports Holger Siering, Head of Design and Development for Food Packaging.

Second use included - more than just disposable packaging

The model upgrade is decorated and refined with a material-homogeneous PP label according to the customer's wishes. This ensures that the bucket can be recycled without any problems, even with a label.  In addition to the standard layouts, Jokey offers many interesting features to optimally present the filling products with product information at the POS and to bring the filling products safely to the end consumer.

There is also the option of secondary use. By using removable peel-off labels, the original packaging can be transformed into a neutral utility container and then fulfil many new tasks in the household and workshop.