International Paper Foodservice Europe has welcomed the innovative rating programme announced as a result of the new partnership between Pack2Go Europe and EcoVadis.

International Paper Foodservice Europe is a member of Pack2Go Europe and as such is committed to the production and development of sustainable packaging solutions together with appropriate source reduction, recycling and recovery policies.

This new initiative aims to promote quality, sustainability and safety in the food and beverage service packaging supply chain by way of a Pack2Go 'Quality Label'. This official mark indicates the packaging adheres to end-user expectations for safe, high quality packaging that is manufactured responsibly taking account of environmental, social and ethical considerations.

Pack2Go Europe already requires its members to comply with core criteria around the quality of their products and their business operations. These include abiding by the 'Pack2Go Europe Guiding Principles' and the 'Pack2Go Europe Minimum Performance Requirements' that cover both product quality and operations. They also have to file an annual report against a range of indicators, including environmental performance, social commitments, ethics and supply chain integrity.

Under the new programme, EcoVadis will take these requirements a step further by including sustainability ratings. When combined with Pack2Go Europe's minimum performance requirements on product quality, this rating will ensure that packaging products coming from member companies are environmentally sound as well as safe for consumers.

Mike Turner, Managing Director of International Paper Foodservice Europe and President of Pack2Go Europe, says: "International Paper Foodservice Europe is proud of its record on sustainability and is looking forward to being able to proudly display the new Quality Label and help to showcase the commitment of Pack2Go and its members to manufacturing safe, high quality products and integrating social and environmental practices into their operations."

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