A new guide from coding and marking specialist Clearmark Solutions helps manufacturers to understand the benefits of blockchain technology and how it can be used to build consumer trust in the supply chain, by providing both security and transparency.

Blockchain technology can make a real difference in helping consumers make better-informed purchasing decisions. For example with livestock, scanning a QR code with a smartphone, could reveal data such as but not limited to an animal’s date of birth, use of veterinary medicines and location where the livestock was reared can easily be communicated to the consumer.

The guide focuses on the benefits of linking digital traceability to a physical product and provides a non-partial breakdown of the advantages and disadvantages of each coding technology, covering Thermal Transfer, Thermal Inkjet, Continuous Inkjet, Label Print Application and Laser to help manufacturers pick the right coders for their factory.

“In the next couple of years blockchain technology could become critical in helping manufacturers securely increase traceability in the supply chain,” comments Chris Simpson, Managing Technical Director at Clearmark Solutions. “To achieve this, it is important that the technology, its benefits and the right coding options are fully understood. We hope this guide will help cut through the jargon and demonstrate how the technology can be utilised to increase consumer trust.”

The launch of the Blockchain Guide follows the successful introduction of other guides covering Overall Equipment Effectiveness (OEE), Barcode technology, Industry 4.0, Secondary Packaging and Pharmaceutical coding, which are available to download for free from the Clearmark Technology Insight Guides page.

To find out more on blockchain within the meat industry download the free Meat and Poultry Blockchain Guide here.