Innovative Solutions for Flexible Packaging Conference 2017 gathers leading players of the flexible packaging and labelling market and industrial films manufacturers

Flexible packaging is the most dynamic of global packaging sectors. Analysts at Smithers Pira forecast the market to grow at an annual average rate of 3.4% during the period 2015-2020, reaching $248 billion in 2020. Food packaging will occupy over 70% of the global consumer flexible packaging market. Currently, it is growing by 4.0% on average in volume terms. Innovative Solutions for Flexible Packaging 2017 Conference (ISFP 2017) which takes place in Kiev, Ukraine, on October 12 will focus on the ways innovations have an impact on the development of the packaging market. Presenting companies will cover real-world innovative solutions that facilitate the sustainable development of brand owners and enhance their marketing efficiency.

Leading industry players including The Dow Chemical Company, BOBST, Mitsui Chemicals, UBE, Kuraray, UTECO Converting, HP Indigo, Kodak, Macchi and others will be presenting their new technologies.

Dow will talk about new products: InnateTM, RetainTM and EliteTM, which allow to decrease packaging weight and enable films with specials properties. It will also be presenting information about innovations in laminating adhesive.

Mitsui Chemicals will focus on its ADMERTM adhesive resins designed to bond to a variety of polyolefins, ionomers, polyamides, EVOH, PET and others. ADMERTM adhesive resins are primarily used as a tie layer in coextruded multilayer applications such as films, tubes, bottles and sheets.


Uteco Group is one of the major worldwide players in manufacturing flexo and gravure presses for short, medium and long runs, a global partner for printing and converting.

Uteco speakers will discuss new features they are constantly adding to their presses to meet the market demands. The company continues to expand its product range focusing on high-speed solutions for digitally printed food packaging and hybrid EB/digital systems for printing on various films. In response to the market trends and customer needs, Uteco has also unveiled a new generation of laminating and coating technologies.

BOBST is one of the world’s leading suppliers of equipment and services to flexible packaging manufacturers providing solutions for flexo, gravure and digital printing. BOBST is a leader in the design and manufacture of laminating and coating solutions for decorative and barrier applications. During the conference, BOBST experts will present its latest developments in high-barrier packaging materials.

With print run lengths continuing to shrink globally, digital printing technologies attract significant interest. A number of companies will be presenting their offerings in this sector. HP Indigo, a leading supplier of industrial digital presses, will expand on possibilities of modern flexible packaging production lines.

This year, the conference gathers leading players of the flexible packaging and labelling market, and industrial films manufacturers. Major producers of food products are also demonstrating their interest in the event.

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