Gerresheimer had a range of new products and solutions for safe, reliable and convenient pharmaceutical drug packaging and delivery on show at the 20th Pharmapack.

A Gerresheimer product expert also made a presentation on the production of multilayer plastic containers in an injection blow moulding process for the reliable protection of content against water vapor and oxygen exposure.   

The tungsten-free 1 ml long Luerlock Gx RTF syringe premiered at Pharmapack

A problem when using syringes can be traces of tungsten or other metals that occasionally remain behind when shaping the syringe cone in the bore. Especially for the packaging of biotechnological or ophthalmological medications, pre-fillable syringes that exclude the possibility of contamination with metal are therefore called for on the market. With the development of an innovative production technology registered for patent, we have been able to address this wish and create a metal-free 1 ml-long Luer Lock Gx RTF syringe that is ready for series production. A transfer to other Luer Lock syringe sizes or to Luer cone syringes of various sizes is possible at all times. 

The pin used to shape the cone with the new technology is no longer made from the tungsten usually used or an alternative metal, but instead of a special ceramic. External tests show that the new process for shaping the cone works free of residue. This means that not only traces of metal, but also contamination through the ceramics used are excluded. The Institut Fresenius neither found ceramic particles nor detected tissue reactions in a separate biocompatibility study.  

Duma Twist-Off Protect  

Tommy Persson’s presentation about “Highquality Primary Packaging Innovations: Multilayer Containers for Solid Dose Medications, Duma Twist-Off Protect and Senior-Friendly Closures” provided interesting insights into the product development process. Gerresheimer Plastic Packaging is the first company in the world to manufacture a multilayer product in an injection moulding process. Duma Twist-Off Protect and the US standard Triveni container have a multilayer design offering improved protection against water vapor and oxygen exposure. The multilayer container is also fully compatible with all existing product ranges, so there is no need for modifications to the filling line.  

Strategy to improve vial quality 

Glass vials are the most frequently used packaging for injectables in the world. Gerresheimer manufactures them in the Americas, Asia and Europe with filling volumes of between 1 and 50 ml. It recently launched an investment program spanning several years to install state-of-the-art converting machines for vial manufacturing at all its plants. The latestgeneration machines and the resulting global high standards will enable it to meet even more stringent future requirements of vial quality. The new machines have now been installed at all the American plants. In Boleslawiec, where one of Gerresheimer’s two European Excellence Centers for vial production in Europe is located, the first two machines have also now been installed and put into operation. Additional new machines will be installed there in 2017 and 2018. 

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