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In the latest edition of the Spotlight, APP Group (APP) explains how, in an era of increasing environmental awareness, the importance of sustainable and eco-friendly products cannot be overstated. The emergence of eco-friendly products has been a game-changer in pursuing a greener and more sustainable future.

Foopak Bio Natura, a comprehensive packaging solution by APP’s Foopak brand, addresses these pressing needs by successfully passing all the necessary testing and certification processes.

What is Foopak Bio Natura made of?

To meet the global market demand for plastic-free direct contact packaging in the food and beverage segment while maintaining excellent hydrophobic characteristics, APP developed Foopak Bio Natura using advanced technology. Foopak Bio Natura is made from 100% virgin pulp sourced from sustainably managed forests (PEFC certified).

According to the Institute Cyclos-HTP, in terms of DIN EN 13430 and ZSVR for recyclability, Foopak Bio Natura is certified recyclable and re-pulpable. Unlike traditional PE cups, which need to undergo a process to separate the paper from the plastic, Foopak Bio Natura cups integrate seamlessly into the recycling stream, simplifying the recycling process, reducing contamination, and ensuring a higher recovery rate of usable materials. The fibres within Foopak Bio Natura cups can be re-pulped and recycled, further enhancing their environmental benefits.

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To ensure that Foopak Bio Natura aligns with the latest global trend in plastic-free packaging, the paperboard has been certified by Flustix in Germany. Additionally, it complies with the Single-Use Plastics Directive (SUPD), meeting stringent environmental standards aimed at reducing the impact of single-use plastics on the environment.

Foopak Bio Natura also adheres to home and industrial composting standards as per EN 13432, certified by ISEGA in Germany. Combining plastic-free conformity with food safety is essential to meet the latest trends in direct-contact food packaging. Therefore, Foopak Bio Natura is designed to ensure the highest level of safety for direct contact with food.

We take pride in using materials that have been carefully chosen and rigorously tested for food safety, maintaining the highest standards of quality control throughout the entire manufacturing process. Foopak Bio Natura complies with food safety standards in the USA (FDA), Europe (BfR), and China (GB). From the beginning, Foopak Bio Natura has been designed to meet PFAS-free compliance, meaning no harmful chemicals are used. Lastly, Foopak Bio Natura is Halal-certified for Islamic religious purposes. Here are the certifications we have obtained.

Growth in the European market and participation in drupa

APP has been working towards expanding Foopak’s offerings in the European market. Foopak represented APP at the recent drupa 2024 exhibition at Messe Düsseldorf from May 28 to June 7, where they showcased Foopak Bio Natura’s sustainable paperboard products.

Foopak at drupa 2024

Foopak at drupa Hall 4 Booth E20: Benny Chiadarma, Regional Head of Europe IW APP (left); Liz Wilks, Head of Sustainability & Public Affairs APP (centre); Atul Tyagi, Vice President of Export Sales IW APP (right)

Benny Chiadarma, the regional head of Europe at APP Group, expressed APP’s eagerness to succeed in the European market: “We are confident that Foopak’s quality aligns perfectly with Europe’s sustainability goals. Our commitment to innovation and environmental responsibility positions us to meet and exceed market expectations.”

Exhibitions like drupa are invaluable opportunities for global businesses working with customers across international supply chains. Atul Tyagi, vice president of Export Sales, Industrial BU White, Indonesia, remarked: “By serving our customers coffee in the Foopak Bio Natura cups at our stand, they can experience firsthand how our solutions meet their practical and sustainability needs. It also provides a unique opportunity to engage with many customers in one space over a period of ten days, which is a great way to connect with them.”

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