FIPA GmbH presents new and established products for highly efficient and ergonomic load handling in its new 160-page Lifting Technology Catalog HT02.

With the help of our FIPALIFT tube lifters, the FIPA Spider and FIPA crane systems, tailor-made solutions can be implemented to provide a more efficient workflow and reduce the physical demands made on employees,” says Rainer Mehrer, president of FIPA.

The new Lifting Technology Catalog is clearly laid out in a new design and illustrates the technical content in 16 chapters. Numerous new images of applications illustrate how manually guided FIPA lifting devices can be used in all areas of internal logistics and production. Engineering drawings and clearly-arranged tables enhance the information.

The FIPALIFT Expert, FIPALIFT Smart, FIPALIFT Basic and the new FIPALIFT Easy range of tube lifters cover the weight range from 5 to 230 kg. The FIPALIFT Easy is a specialist for efficient logistics processes. With the help of the tube lifter, the operator can stack goods without sacrificing ergonomics – even to above-head heights. This allows loading space in trucks and containers to be used as efficiently as possible.

FIPA highlights the Health and Safety aspects of FIPALIFT tube lifters and vacuum lifting devices in the catalog. FIPA lifting solutions are thus responsible for the ergonomic aspects of material flow in warehousing, production and dispatch. Health and Safety at Work regulations and the German Ordinance for the Manual Handling of Loads can thus be observed.

Using the questionnaires at the back of the catalog, the customer can give a detailed description of his handling task. Based on this information, FIPA will prepare a quotation for a customized FIPA lifting and crane system.

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