Feldmuehle Uetersen GmbH is restructuring its product portfolio and sales organisation: the company's six product segments are now bundled into the business areas of Labelling Applications, Packaging Solutions and Graphical Options.

From the restructuring under the new Managing Director Heiner Kayser, customer proximity shall benefit. The aim is to strengthen the market position of Feldmuehle in the three areas.   With clear focus on high-quality label papers, packaging papers, graphic papers and cardboard, Feldmuehle is firmly dedicated to meet the requirements of the market. At the same time, the special expertise and experience of the employees as well as the flexible possibilities of the machine fleet are to be used even better according to the customer requirements. "We are concentrating on our greatest strengths," says Heiner Kayser, who is the Managing Director of Feldmuehle Uetersen GmbH since May this year. "Our aim is to be particularly close to the customer, to find innovative solutions for specific requirements and to constantly set standards in terms of quality and customer service." The objectives of Feldmuehle are clearly defined: the company's market shares are to be expanded in the three business areas and the position as supplier of high-quality white coated papers for the label, packaging and printing industries is to be strengthened.

High service quality through customer-oriented sales

As a result of the reorganisation of the product portfolio, the entire sales structure will be more stringently oriented to the customer. The sales support and field sales employees will specialise in one of the three business areas and be able to advise customers with in-depth product knowledge. "The name Feldmuehle stands for a particularly high service level", says Eckhard Kallies, Director Sales and Marketing. "The new structure allows us to address the requirements and needs even more intensively and to act as a true partner of our customers."  

Strengthening of the graphical area Within its graphic product range, the company is increasingly focusing on products with particularly high whiteness and premium character. Besides graphic papers, the high white cardboard VivaCard will be integrated. With another product in the pipeline, this business area is gaining additional importance. The objective is to be able to offer a broader graphic portfolio to the customers. 

Ambitions in the well-established labelling area

With a long tradition and a high expertise in the production of label papers, Feldmuehle is one of the leading suppliers in this field. As a trendsetter, the company will expand its extensive and high-quality portfolio with innovative products and further expand its market position.

Potentials in packaging

In the area of flexible packaging papers and liners, the growth potential of the young, high-quality products will be fully utilised. Feldmuehle aims to further develop this business area through new product solutions, e.g. in the segment of barrier papers, and by offering innovative specialities to the customers.

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