For over 60 years, Elopak has had a continual focus on innovation to improve and enhance the Pure-Pak® carton’s functionality, differentiation and sustainability.

For Elopak, adding value is “fundamentally based on current and emerging consumer trends, market demands and global environmental challenges”. It enhances brand values with the development of new shapes, materials and features. But most of all, its innovation targets are focused on creating more sustainable packaging that is renewable and recyclable.  

According to Elopak: “We believe that our relentless pursuit of sustainable materials, product performance, client cooperation and operational excellence makes us the leading industry innovator – exemplified by the Pure-Pak® carton system offering.”

The latest launch of the Naturally Pure-Pak® carton brought to market the first gable top carton with Natural Brown Board, with reduced carbon footprint.  

Also launched for aseptic markets, the Pure-Pak® carton with Natural Brown Board has one less layer, retaining the natural brown colour and texture of the wood fibres.  A visible fibre structure for a more natural-looking and feeling package enables shelf stand out stands, enhancing brands.


Customers are continually looking for ways to minimise environmental impact and consumers are increasingly concerned about packaging sustainability.  

Elopak says it takes responsible forestry management seriously and sources all its paperboard from legal and acceptable sources. Furthermore, it is a ‘carbon neutral company’ and offers carbon neutral packaging to all customers. All cartons are available with renewable polyethylene.

According to the company: “Markets are looking for alternatives to plastic packaging and reducing plastics from the supply chain. The Pure-Pak® carton is already naturally sustainable – and Elopak is further developing the carton.”

For more information on Elopak’s current innovations, go to www.elopak.com.

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