Elif, a brand that makes a difference with its point of view and quality in packaging industry and with products highly preferred in both national and international arenas, was accepted as a "Well-Known Brand" by Turkish Patent and Trademark Office. 

Elif was given the status of "Well-Known Brand" by the Turkish Patent and Trademark Office after the evaluation of many parameters such as recognition by its target market without assistance, the establishment of a certain quality standard, and a general recognition throughout the country. The trademark of "Well-Known Brand" granted by the Turkish Patent and Trademark Office which provides exclusive protection, is given only to the brands that bear original trademark characteristics, carry certain quality standard in its products and services, and are well-known by their target market. After a 12 month evaluation and research period by Turkish Patent and Trademark Office, Elif was announced to be a well-known brand among others such as BMW, Coca Cola, Jaguar, Gucci, Nescafe, Nivea, Microsoft, Milka, Shell, Superman, Pfizer, Philips, Pirelli, Swatch and Toblerone.

Elif, which has been developing on a global scale with horizontal and vertical expansions in order to reach its global vision, has applied for a "Well-Known Brand" title to Turkish Patent and Trademark Office, with the awareness of the importance of protecting the quality and standards of the brand name as well as the household products. Starting of in 1972, "Elif" brand constantly improved its service and quality standards in order to take its place in the global arena, and as of 31.03.2017, with the decision of Turkish Patent and Trademark Office, it has gained its "Well-Known" status.

Producing "Packaging for Life", Elif works constantly to create value, in the spirit of leadership, with the knowledge that diversity is the source of a rich culture, and with honesty and responsibility being its indispensable values. Elif is currently carries out successful business with all its employees and business partners, in line with these values and aims to strengthen brand awareness as a responsible, honest, diversified and value-creating leader in the industry, with its new projects.

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