DOMO, a global polyamides solutions provider, will highlight sustainable innovation and the products behind them at K 2019 (hall 5, booth A43). 

Under a new positioning, which reflects the company’s commitment to delivering sustainability, DOMO’s primary focus will be on solutions that help to assist the transition from a linear to a circular, resource-efficient economy. The company is backing up commitments with proactive steps to engineer solutions that benefit reducing, reusing and making a closed loop to reach achievable goals.

“If we want to create innovative, sustainable solutions to the many challenges our industry and our world is facing, everyone across the value chain must collaborate. New initiatives and key partnerships are needed to develop a circular economy for plastic and polyamide can play a crucial role in that. K 2019 is the perfect platform for DOMO to engage on this,” says Dany Postelmans, Expert for Circular Solutions.

At K 2019, DOMO will present a wide range of solutions that answer today’s mega-trends and challenges around lifestyle, health & wellbeing, urbanization and mobility. The company will highlight the benefits of polyamide solutions in lightweighting (metal replacement), processability, fire protection, impact, friction & wear re-sistance, thermal management, oxygen & fluid barrier properties, durability and shelf-life protection in the film industry.

As a sustainable solution that forms part of DOMO complete range of electrically and thermal conductive grades, based on polyamide 6, 66 and PPS, ECONAMID® AIR offers reduced surface and volume resistivity for various levels of electrical conductivity. OEMs and Tier suppliers can use these properties when developing connectors, fuel-filtering components, light detection and ranging applications, camera and electronic components housing. A perfect combination of sustainability and very high stiffness based on high-quality recycled carbon fibre and sustainable polyamide.

DOMO’s Nyleen™ low CO2 emission solution, suitable for flexible packaging, is a BOPA film, courtesy of the unique end-to-end integration (from benzene to film extrusion) of its Leuna production site. In particular, its carbon and water footprints, as measured by sustainability experts Quantis, are the lowest in the world, com-pared to standard nylon film production data published by Ecoinvent 3.3.

The company will also present its new thermoplastic composites for lightweight solutions: UD Tapes. UD Tapes combine the versatility and recyclability of polyamide and polypropylene with the strength of glass fiber and carbon fiber. They bridge the gap between thermoplastic compounds and metal and thermoset in regards mechanical, fatigue and scalability.

“UD Tapes are the perfect match for circular economy targets as they can be formulated with post-industrial feedstock during production and are recyclable through-out the entire value chain. UD Tapes can be recycled at pultrusion process during production, as cut-out during part consolidation or by converting end-of-life parts into usable feedstock for compounding or injection moulding processes,” says Sergio Moriano, Global Business Line Director Composites.

But true sustainability cannot only be achieved through dedicated product development. Proactive engagement in the plastics debate and issues correlate with higher success. At the DOMO booth, Dana Mosora of CEFLEX will show how collabo-ration throughout the entire value chain of flexible packaging is enabling tomorrow’s recycling.

DOMO is inviting its customers, partners and suppliers to join our on booth presentations at K 2019 (hall 5, booth A43):

•    Wednesday, October 16 (10:45am): ECONAMID® AIR – The eco-friendly choice for carbon-filled polyamide compounds.•    Thursday, October 17 (10:45am): Nyleen™ – the nylon film with low CO2 emission•    Thursday, October 17 (11:15am): CEFLEX – Driving Towards Circular Economy•    Thursday, October 17 (15:00pm): Circularise Plastic – a new approach to a circular economy•    Friday, October 18 (11:15am): Lightweight and thermal-electrical con-ductive solutions for the automotive industry.•    Saturday, October 19 (10:45am): Enhanced tribologic properties com-pounds for friction & wear resistance applications.

“We will have a team of DOMO specialists ready to inspire discussions and illustrate what’s readily available today, and possible tomorrow to make our customers more sustainable and profitable,” says Moriano. “Collaborating with our customers to solve their most pressing challenges is our number one priority. K 2019 gives us an opportunity to connect with our customers to discuss where they are now and how our materials can get them to where they want to be,” he concludes.

DOMO’s stand will be situated in Hall 5, A43.