In-built compliance

MES solutions are more than the application they support. Compliance and efficiency guidelines are implemented alongside the solution, providing a space for continued control, consistency and standardisation across the packaging line.

Due to the constantly changing regulatory environment in pharmaceuticals, some companies decide against MES deployment, as they believe it will become another system that needs to be updated. A stand out feature of MES is its ability to integrate and adapt with other systems or sources of information, to avoid the need for transcription and minimise potential data integrity issues. This includes the current hot issue of serialisation and the new regulations to combat counterfeiting.

In summary, MES enables the seamless flow of information from the manufacturing facility floor to the business level, filling communication and information gaps that are currently disabling many businesses. Whilst MES can be an expensive and complex process, it should be viewed as a long-term investment and those who have deployed MES are reaping the benefits ahead of their market competition, as their quality and flexibility develops across their packaging and manufacturing processes.