August Faller GmbH & Co. KG is offering diagnostic equipment manufacturers a new service package tailored specifically to their needs with customised label and folding carton solutions.

The pharmaceutical packaging specialist has developed labels to make it easier to personalise sample containers in a clear way that supports compliance with the necessary labelling requirements. Special folding carton designs also ensure the safe protection of products.

Personalised medicine and companion diagnostics are becoming increasingly important. Continued further development in this field is enabling an increasingly individual approach to diagnostics and treatments for patients. One example is DNA sequencing, which was time-consuming and expensive only a few years ago, but is now possible more cheaply within days.

Against the backdrop of this development, August Faller GmbH & Co KG has re-orientated its versatile range of products and services for the in-vitro diagnostics sector. The containers required for taking samples of tissue, saliva or blood, for example, must be fully labelled in line with regulatory and personalisation requirements. Faller's innovative labels allow you to record vital information in a clear way in the smallest of spaces. For example, the products on offer to the manufacturers of diagnostic equipment such as glass and plastic bottles or vials include multi-sided labels that provide extra space for vital information. Sample container labels must also be able to withstand a wide variety of laboratory conditions, such as cold, heat or humidity. Special materials designed to cope with these requirements ensure that the labels remain protected and legible. Faller is also happy to carry out print consulting and label printing upon request. "With our comprehensive range of products and services and our many years of experience in the pharmaceutical market, our aim is to help diagnostic equipment manufacturers reduce the complexity of their packaging processes," says Tanja Feldmüller, Head of Marketing & Innovation at Faller.

Diagnostic equipment is often packaged in special folding carton designs developed by Faller on a customer-specific basis for that particular purpose, ensuring that they look great at the point of sale.

The company also develops combined solutions for individual labels and folding cartons tailored to meet any requirement for diagnostic equipment packaging. Customers are able to benefit from the decades of experience of the packaging manufacturer when it comes to label and folding carton solutions for the pharmaceutical industry.

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