At interpack 2017 Capmatic brought one if its jewels, The Street Fighter™Counter series, an exclusive line of electronic counters for several products. A main target is tablets and capsules for the pharmaceutical industry. This innovation was fully developed in Canada taking several years of research and development. 

The Street Fighter™ Line is available in different speed ranges and uses exclusive electronics and algorithms. It is probably the best technology available worldwide at this moment in electronic tablet counters and will remain a leader for many years to come.

In addition, the company presented several others key solutions. More than 50 platforms are available such as the new Steel Heart® line of high precision peristaltic pumps in stainless steel and the consolidated lines of monobloc solutions: Bambino™ (up to 30 bpm), Patriot™ (up to 60 bpm), Intrepid™ (up to 120 bpm) and Conquest™ (up to 300 bpm).

Moreover, the packaging line can be completed with systems such as the Sortstar™ (Line of multi-format bottle feeders) and the Labelstar™ (Flexible labelling systems).

Capmatic is fully prepared with a team of experts in bottle and container lines and is able to provide quick response, better return of investment and state of the art design.

2017 also sees the opening of a new European base for Capmatic. It is launching a sales and service centre in Dublin, Ireland, in order to provide an even better service and to be closer to the customer’s needs in Ireland and Europe.

Capmatic is a family owned and Montreal based packaging solutions supplier and was founded in Milan Italy in 1964. Operations were moved to Montreal Canada in 1979 in order to introduce a monoblock machine manufacturer in North America.

Passion and dedication are driving the company for over 50 years allowing the creation of high standard solutions for the pharmaceutical, cosmetic & chemical industries. From unscrambling to labelling, passing through a deep knowledge on capping and filling and turn key lines, several customers around the world enjoy the advantages of these solutions.

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