This year’s Pharmapack Conference (February 7-8, 2018) sees Bormioli Pharma, a leading glass and plastic packaging manufacturers for the pharmaceutical sector, make a commitment to guarantee safety with simple and precise reconstitution of oral drug products.

The adoption of innovative packaging solutions, like Bormioli Pharma’s AccuRec revolutionary dual-chamber system for oral reconstitutable medicines, is a step-change towards eliminating the adverse side effects of excipients in oral drugs.

AccuRec’s dual chamber system design maximizes drug stability by eliminating the need to include excipients with the active ingredient; a promising high-tech solution to a growing safety concern in the industry. The inclusion of excipients in pharmaceuticals is traditionally used to make drugs more stable, but can also contribute to additional adverse effects from direct toxicity, allergy or intolerance  . Considering this additional risk, the use of excipients requires justification to ensure they are not being used to disguise poorly formulated products or inadequate packaging . AccuRec has the capability to circumvent the need for excipients because the chambers avoid active ingredients contacting and interacting with the solvent until the moment of administration. Reconstitution is usually complex but AccuRec’s dual-chamber system is an easy to use system enabling the user to reconstitute oral drugs in just a few easy steps. AccuRec helps to eliminate the chances of human error by providing pre-dosed solvent and drug powder chambers ensuring easy self-administration and effective mixing.

 “Unstable drug formulations are a growing concern for healthcare professionals and drug developers”, says Elena Piazza, Business Development and Marketing Manager, Bormioli Pharma. “Our AccuRec system has drawn on Bormioli Pharma’s heritage in reconstitutable medicines and completely redesigned the powdered oral drug concept. The revolutionary design makes reconstitution simple and accurate, helping to ensure efficacy of treatment and ease of use for the patient. At Bormioli Pharma, we are excited about what AccuRec can offer stakeholders in the healthcare provision: from payers to patients”. 

AccuRec will be exhibited at Pharmapack 2018 and available from February 2018. Bormioli Pharma expects the first at-scale commercial roll out of its AccuRec system with a drug manufacturer in the second quarter of 2018, and anticipates wide horizons as it grows throughout 2018. 

Bormioli Pharma is committed to developing further innovative premium packaging solutions as it aims to address four other crucial pharmaceutical market needs. These are closing safety gaps in pediatric syrup administration, introducing further protection features for protein-based drugs, streamlining the freeze-drying process for parenteral drugs, and making inhalable dry powder drugs accessible in developing countries. 

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