Particular value is attached to the strategy dimension of "sustainability and innovation" at packaging and film manufacturer Bischof + Klein.

This is demonstrated by the new GRI sustainability report (in accordance with the guidelines of the Global Reporting Initiative) for 2016. For the seventh time, the Lengerich-based, family-owned company is reporting on its economic development, social commitment and progress achieved in environmental protection and resource efficiency. The annual EMAS environmental statement is also integrated.

The sparing use of resources is an important aspect in the current report. In this regard, B+K has set itself the specific target of reducing the additional material consumption rate and the specific total energy consumption by 10 percent each over the next five years. 

In 2016, modern lines such as the new 8-colour flexographic printing press at B+K Konzell particularly helped to reduce material consumption. Start-up scrap was reduced by 20 percent in comparison with the old printing press. Improved labour organisation and planning are also reducing the use of raw materials, as demonstrated by various examples from the Lengerich headquarters and the subsidiary plant in Bavaria. 

B+K's products themselves also contribute extensively to ensuring that resources are used sparingly. Highlights include switching from pails or canisters to flexible packaging. For instance, Bischof + Klein is replacing the pails used by one customer for fish food with an individually tailored bag. B+K's U-Pack® side gusseted bag consumes 75 percent less material, takes up significantly less space and weighs less than the previous rigid packaging. All of this additionally protects the environment during transportation thanks to fewer journeys and a lower load weight. The launch of corporate health management is also documented in the sustainability report. Both young and older employees appreciate health and fitness offers. The holistic approach taken by B+K combines sporting activities with team building, and supports health awareness by means of health check-ups and information on a healthy diet. 

In the foreword, the executive board states: "As an integrated concept, sustainability is the central driving force behind Bischof + Klein's dynamic and successful corporate growth. Economy, ecology and social responsibility are not in competition with one another, but mutually support each other for continuous development in all three sectors.

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