August Faller has developed a new label. The DryPeel Flag label consists of three material layers and is particularly suitable for documentation and simple product marking. The label can be removed in partial layers without leaving any residue or adhesive. It enables doctors, for example, to safely and accurately document the use of an anaesthetic or a vaccine.

The middle layer of the DryPeel Flag Label is easy to separate from the base label. More label parts can also be removed for descriptions: for marking injection vials in medical technology, the pharmaceutical industry or laboratories. These can be designed in such a way that they adhere to the container and stand out like a flag. The user can mark them easily and legibly with a ballpoint or transparency pen.

The labels are suitable for both flat containers and round containers. Various adhesives are available for the label parts, depending on the application. Automated dispensing can be easily integrated into existing packaging processes. The transparent base label ensures that the appearance of folding boxes or package inserts is not compromised. Faller says it has already successfully implemented the DryPeel Flag label for a customer.