According to new research from Trivium Packaging, a metal packaging manufacturer, and Boston Consulting Group, 74% of consumers are willing to pay more for sustainable packaging.

The report surveyed participants for their preferences related to sustainable packaging, along with their willingness to pay more for products that they deem to be environmentally friendly.

Trivium also reports that a majority of consumers identified as environmentally aware, with more than two out of three respondents citing environmentally friendly, recyclable packaging as important. And, of the 74% who said they would pay more for sustainable packaging, nearly a quarter are willing to pay for an increased cost of 10% or more.

“This increased consumer awareness, driven by increased media coverage of the environmental impacts of pollution and large corporations transitioning away from plastics, whether it’s straws or grocery bags, truly underscores our findings,” said Michael Mapes, CEO, Trivium Packaging. “Consumer focus is on sustainable living now more than ever, and they’re willing to pay to protect the planet. This presents brands a real opportunity to impact purchasing decisions by offering environmentally friendly options for their consumers.”

The full report can be accessed on Trivium Packaging’s website.