Aqua Pura is rolling out new recyclable bottles made from recycled material with a 'flip to open, snap to close" integrated cap. 

The brand has manufactured and launched a new 500ml bottle which is 100 per cent recyclable. In addition, the bottle is also made from 100 per cent recycled materials.

The new  Aqua Pura Still bottles have been redesigned, with a new shape and an innovative ‘flip to open, snap to close’ integrated cap. Attached to the bottle, the new flip cap ensures no cap will get lost in nature, while also ensuring it will be placed in the recycle waste with the bottle rather than discarded in a general waste bin. 

Carys Delve, brand manager at Aqua Pura, commented: “We’re fully committed to playing our part in creating eco-friendly solutions while maintaining a high-quality product manufactured here on British soil. 

“The launch of our new 100 per cent recyclable bottles and UK industry-first caps on a brand helps meet retailer requirements and provides consumers with a better solution for the planet.”