Antares Vision is proud to introduce ATSFOUR, an enterprise-level serialization software solution that enhances its reputation as a leader in the fight against counterfeiting in the pharmaceutical industry. The company is one of the world’s leading providers of serialization-based track and trace solutions for the pharmaceutical industry.

As new drug traceability regulations continue to be enforced in the United States, Europe and other key global markets, the need for Level 4 software solutions has become increasingly important. The new ATSFOUR integrates the Antares Tracking System architecture, and offers a comprehensive, scalable, solution that allows the widest connection capability available for any traceability framework. The software ecosystem manages the serialization data flow connecting production plants, CMOs, third-party logistics and authorities, and manages high volumes of data through an innovative data storage system.

The versatile, compatibility-minded ATSFOUR creates a unique point of connection enabling interface with healthcare agencies, CMOs and other brand owners operating with a variety of software and hardware solutions. "We believe our ATSFOUR enterprise-level serialization software solution is the best on the market,” says Andrew Pietrangelo, President, Antares Vision - North America, “and that it represents a major step forward toward helping companies comply with increasingly stringent serialization regulations.”

ATSFOUR stands out for offering two different installation options: not only on a cloud platform, but also on-premises in the local server infrastructure of the pharmaceutical company. Moreover, unlike any other solution on the market, ATSFOUR can be configured on an entirely dedicated cloud space that is not shared with other companies. In view of the constant increase in the volume of data to be managed, ATSFOUR is designed with graph database technology: this allows for a significantly faster search of information compared to traditional systems.

A number of companies have already chosen to implement the ATSFOUR solution, including Recordati, Salf, Sit, Fine Foods, Marlex, biomo pharma, Renata, Faes, Saneca, Sovereign, Adhex, Sifi, Dms, Sirton, Promed and Falorni. The software exemplifies Antares Vision leadership in pharmaceutical tracking systems, comprising a comprehensive solution that allows pharmaceutical companies to manage information from the line level (Level 1) to the corporate/enterprise level (Level 4) and reporting to regulatory authorities (Level 5).

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