Ampacet Permslip 1409

Global masterbatch leader Ampacet has introduced PERMSLIP 1409, a non-migrating permanent slip solution for trouble-free flexible packaging conversion.

Film and packaging manufacturers always look for efficient and trouble-free operability during film manufacturing and conversion. Conventional permanent slip additives face some limitations like the achievable slip performance and the transfer of the active agent on the opposite packaging side.

Ampacet PERMSLIP 1409 outperforms conventional permanent slip masterbatches by offering low and consistent slip behaviour with Coefficient Of Friction (COF) between 0.20 and 0.25. When film is under a roll form, the additive remains on the additivated side and has no influence on the properties of the opposite side after unwinding.

Ampacet PERMSLIP 1409 represents an excellent solution for trouble-free flexible packaging operability.

This content was sponsored by Ampacet.

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