Ampacet AA Scavenger

In this edition of the Spotlight, Ampacet elaborates on its new additive designed to reduce acetaldehyde levels in PET and rPET bottles.

Ampacet, a global masterbatch leader, has introduced AA Scavenger 0846, an additive designed to reduce the level of acetaldehyde in PET and rPET bottles and preserve the organoleptic properties of water.

One of the most common thermoplastics in the world, polyethylene terephthalate (PET) is widely used in bottles, containers, trays and other beverage and food packaging. A drawback of PET use for water packaging, however, is the risk of contamination by acetaldehyde (AA), a by-product of thermal degradation of PET that can occur during PET processing extrusion or injection moulding.

Ampacet AA Scavenger 0846 acts as a scavenging agent, enabling processors to reduce and control the level of acetaldehyde present in bottle walls and protect the contents from contamination and tasting ’off’. At a very low addition rate, Ampacet AA Scavenger 0846 reduces the migration of acetaldehyde by up to 80% while maintaining product quality and brand reputation.

This content was sponsored by Ampacet.