Adents, a leading provider of versatile and easily deployable serialization and track & trace software solutions, will host a ‘World Café’ roundtable at the Pharma TRACKTS! Serialization Conference in Berlin, September 28-29 at the Maritime proArte Hotel. 

Led by Christophe Carissimo, Professional Services Director EMEA for Adents, the discussion will address the data management challenges faced by pharma manufacturers, CMOs and contract packagers when implementing serialization solutions.   

Titled Ensuring Seamless Management, Sharing & Reporting of Serialization Data, the roundtable will explore the types of enterprise (Level 4) solution issues whose complexities can serve as confusing roadblocks to optimized incorporation. Sub-topics include: 

• The various uses of Cloud serialization and track & trace systems 

• Ensuring connectivity with multiple trading partners, and facilitating on-boarding

• The different types of data and formats that must be handled, now and in the future 

• Future-proofing serialization systems against shifting regulations and business needs

• Considerations for ensuring security 

For pharma companies implementing serialization solutions to comply with looming regulations, two of the most common concerns are scalability and beyond-compliance usefulness. Scalability has emerged as an issue due to the ever-evolving, even volatile nature of the international track & trace regulatory landscape; considering this, the more flexible a solution is to adapt to shifting or phased-in mandates, the better.  

Beyond-compliance usefulness refers to a serialization solution’s ability to bring value-added benefits to pharma manufacturers, particularly in utilizing the troves of generated data to improve production efficiency, decrease line downtime, and manage personnel.

Adents Prodigi: Only easy-to-connect Cloud native Serialization Solution  

To address these emerging needs, Adents Prodigi is the only Level 4 traceability solution that can ensure permanent compliance with regulatory requirements mandated in the pharmaceutical industry, and allows pharma companies and CMOs to take advantage of the massive amounts of data generated during the serialization and track & trace process. In addition to enabling compliance with incrementally complex regulations, Adents Prodigi opens up new horizons beyond regulatory compliance in terms of data analysis (including Microsoft Power BI), machine learning tools and additional capabilities through third party solutions. 

Live demonstrations showcasing Adents Prodigi will take place throughout the show at Adents Stand.

“The utilization of Cloud-based, big-data analytics can offer value far beyond compliance, so that pharma companies are improving production practices in addition to meeting mandatory regulations,” explains Mr. Carissimo. “We look forward to sharing the variety of ways in which pharma manufacturers, CMOs and contract packagers can reap as many benefits as possible from next-generation solutions, including our own Adents Prodigi.”

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