Natureplast remains since 2006 the only society in Europe to supply all bioplastics produced over the world. Biopolynov, created in 2010 is the only R&D centre dedicated to these new materials, aiming at modifying/improving their properties according to a functional book of specifications. 

The valuing of waste and by-products is and will be in upcoming years an important issue in economics and environment, for manufacturers. Most companies have been working for years in order to find the best possible way of valuing their waste. 

NaturePlast, expert in the field of biobased plastics since 2006, and principally since the creation of the R&D center Biopolynov, works to accompany manufacturers in the development of new ways of valuing their by-products in the field of plastics. 

It is possible, in most cases, to recuperate the industrial waste (mostly from agricultural or agro-food industries, but also textile industries (fibers and leather goods), construction etc.) in order to incorporate them into plastic/bioplastic materials, so creating new materials. 

Within the context of the implementation of a circular economy, plastic materials that were developed this way could be: 

1)  Used in applications specific to the company for the creation of new products, packaging, etc. 

2) Valorised in other plastics sectors, according to the properties obtained. 

Natureplast-Biopolynov already works with several French and European industrials to valorise various by-products: By-products from food industries:  

- Fruits and vegetables: skin, pulp, pit, seed, hull, marc, etc. - Cereals: hull, straw, dust, etc. - Marine: algae, seashell powder, etc.

- Etc. By-products from textile industries: leather, silk, cotton, linen, etc. By-products from vegetal fibres: wood, shive, cork, vine stalk, dust, etc. Other by-products and wastes: construction: construction (furniture, earth), industrial sludges, etc.  

Natureplast-Biopolynov possesses all required equipments to develop these new materials, thanks to a double platform:  

- By-products treatment: drying, grinding and sieving.  

- Valorisation in the field of plastics: R&D centre with compounding equipments (to produce the blends), processing equipments by injection or extrusion (sheets calendering or thin films), and characterizations laboratory. 

- In 2017, Natureplast is developing the same double platform at an industrial scale, for the treatment of these by-products (dryer, grinder, siever) and the compounding facility, to produce at an industrial scale these new materials. 

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