The resources of our planet are limited. To preserve them, consumer goods companies worldwide have made recycling and the use of recycled materials their declared goals, in order fulfil the 2025 and 2030 sustainability targets set by the European Union.

With the aim of meeting these needs, CCL Label offers a label collection including “recycling-friendly” solutions like EcoStream and EcoFloat, technologies like ultra-thin films, adhesives with specific functionalities or materials from renewable resources, and label innovations using recycled content such as rPET from post-consumer recycling (PCR).

For example, the company offers permanent self-adhesive labels based on PET, which are available with up to 70%-90% PCR content.

Another product, WashOff, facilitates the clean removal of labels from returnable glass bottles in typical industrial washing processes. Compared to paper wet-glue labels, CCL claims that they also help save water and energy and do not contaminate the washing bath. WashOff labels are currently available with 30% rPET from PCR – higher percentages of recycled materials are currently being tested for the future.

Release Liners for both label solutions made from 30% recycled materials are available. According to the company, 30% rPET content reduces the carbon footprint by 24% CO2, while 70% rPET content reduces it by 56%.

Medium shrink transparent PETG film for sleeves with approximately 30% recycled material is also available. CCL reports that it has excellent performance in steam and hot air applications, and is suitable for gravure, flexo, and rotary offset printing.

According to the company, the PCR content it uses is of the highest quality and is safe to use on food and beverage packaging. CCL also says that the functionality and performance of the labels with rPET content are not distinguishable from those made from virgin raw material.