VPF has launched NSA700-476 – a liner for self-adhesive labels that is made of 70% recycled paper.

The new FSC-certified 70 g/qm2 kraft paper significantly reduces the use of virgin fibres. In addition, the company says that it reduces energy consumption by 60% and water consumption by 70% in the production process, when compared to conventional liners. Given these attributes, VPF claims that its new solution has a “significantly improved” carbon footprint.

These sustainability benefits can apparently be increased even further through the use of face materials from the VPF product range. For example, these include 100% recycled, grass, and bagasse papers, which are available for a wide range of applications.

VPF says that it has subjected the Kraftliner NSA700-476 to all the usual tests and proven its long-term ageing resistance with all common dispersion acrylic and UV acrylic adhesives from the VPF portfolio. The material is equipped with a slightly increased release value for paper and film face materials.

Also new is the transparent R-PET liner, which VPF offers in a thickness of 30. It has a 70% post-consumer waste content and is coated on one side with easy-release silicone. Samples of the two new liners are now available from VPF.