A personalized packaging with a photo or a unique design helps to the consumers to identify the products. In the case of the perfumes, which are characterized by a personal touch, it’s even more powerful. Rafesa, a company specialized in packaging distribution for perfumery, cosmetic and pharmacy is committed to innovative techniques in the personalisation of standard packaging. 

With this technique, which works with four-colour process applied in serigraph, designs are obtained that are unique designs and totally in line with the preferences of the customers. A new ‘tuning’ that allows high levels of personalisation.

A system that is incorporated in the world of perfumes and that allows to give a extra value to the packaging, getting big brands to obtain a more exclusive work for their products. The incorporation of photos following the original colours and the work with gradients stand out among of some of its characteristics.

The four-colour, also, allows to work with logos and small images, among other design elements. Rafesa has opted for the use of this process to give a better service to its clients, offering more possibilities of exclusivity. The reduction of the cost is another of its strengths, which uses the CMYK colours.

More info:www.rafesa.com