TNT Global Manufacturing has developed the first cap of SCANDAL, Jean Paul Gaultier’s new feminine fragrance. 

It was a real technical challenge that TNT Global Manufacturing took up to meet PUIG’s requirements to make this zamak cap in one piece.

This beautiful electroplated Champagne gold cap, is the result of a complex production process: it has required a complex mold kinematic to unmold it carefully.  Ultimately, the polishing of the piece was done in multiple steps, for a perfect finish. At the end, this amazing cap is the result of a proactive collaboration and a close partnership between TNT Global Maufacturing’s and PUIG’s teams. 4 years of existence, 12 employees, 14 million USD turnover in 2016: TNT Global Manufacturing confirms the excellence of its know-how. Zamak suits particularly to the perfume, cosmetics and make-up industry, thanks to its many properties: stability, malleability, resistance, hardness and skin tolerance.

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