Tjoapack has launched a new postponement packaging service to help customers address supply chain challenges including variable demand and repackaging work.

Postponement packaging is the practice of keeping products market agnostic for as long as possible, only adding the relevant language leaflets and meeting the local legislation requirements when there is market demand.The new service follows an investment into its late stage customisation printing capabilities earlier this year. 

Eric Tjoa, founder of Tjoapack said: “Postponement packaging can offer customers more control over their supply chains. By giving them the flexibility to adapt to market related variations and avoid repackaging work, it is possible to lower working capital and reduce finished goods inventories. All of which can ultimately help to offset the rising cost of healthcare.“Although the concept is not yet widely adopted in the pharmaceutical sector, it has been proven in other industries, such as automotive and cosmetics, and can bring huge benefits to the supply chain.

The first phase of the new postponement service will be fully operational by the end of Q3 2018.“Tender markets and varying regulatory requirements can have a huge impact on costs and timelines. Postponement packaging can help to tackle the common challenges with traditional supply chain models.“At Tjoapack we’ve been exploring this concept for years. Launching this service is the culmination of a lot of hard work and as adoption of this type of strategy rises across the industry, we will continue to invest and expand our capabilities and capacity.”

Tjoapack will be hosting an event at its facility in Etten-Leur, the Netherlands, on November 22, 2018 to discuss its capabilities and the benefits a postponement strategy can bring to the pharmaceutical industry.