The International Conference of Packaging Innovations 2017 was held on May 25th in Kiev (Ukraine). The event was attended by more than 70 manufacturers of the FMCG market and more than 40 packaging companies from Ukraine, Russia, Switzerland, Hungary, Belarus and Moldova. 

The companies IMMER Group, Dow, HP Indigo, Ulma Packaging, Jokey Plastik, Mocon, and Stora Enso, as well as the leaders of the Ukrainian packaging market Thermo-Pak Packaging Plant, Manuli Ukraine, Itak, PlastBox Ukraine, Rubezhnoye Cardboard&Package Mill, Spetztekhosnastka Ltd. (TM Vital Plast), VESNA Cardboard Printing Plant, and others have presented their latest trends and technological innovations to the conference participants.  

The dynamic discussion of the conference was jump started by the president of the Association of Flexible Packaging of Ukraine, and president of IMMER Group, Irina Mirochnik. The topic of combating counterfeiting is crucial everywhere. 

"Ecological and food safety, economic and marketing efficiency and counterfeit protection are the tasks that the European and world market dictate to the packaging industry. We develop and offer new technical solutions to the market to protect the brand and consumers and implement the latest IT developments in packaging," said Irina Mirochnik. 

Over the course of the presentations, innovations were also presented on raw materials or the production of packaging, packaging materials, packaging, equipment and technologies, which have become suppliers' response to the trends of the world and European markets. 

Rapid market development requires a quick reaction. Digital technologies are an ideal solution for bringing a new product to markets, makings runs shorter and cutting costs. 

Grant Fisher, Commercial Director of Dow Packaging and Specialty Plastics  in Central and Eastern Europe, said: "Dow has been present in Ukraine for more than 20 years. We are proud that innovative solutions of our company have found their application in the Ukrainian market, satisfying the needs of the population in fresh food , and also solving the problems of packaging processing. We always listen to our customers, partners and end-users of packaging, anticipating the challenges of the industry and accelerating the development of innovations. Thanks to such events as the Packaging Innovations 2017 conference, we have established long-term relations with the main players of the market." 

Oleksandr Aleksandrov, Country Manager of  Dow in Ukraine, said: "The latest developments of Dow are now also presented in Ukraine, which is part of the European market, therefore, the trends of the global packaging industry in the future will shape the demand for modern packaging in the Ukrainian market. At the conference, we actively communicated with the owners of brands, partners, customers and industry players. In cooperation with our partners, we presented Dow‘s solutions and their applications in the packaging industry, and also discussed the main aspects of the entire value chain through the concept of Pack Studios, the  International Cooperation center of Dow.” 

Inna Mazniak, Head of the Purchasing Department of Nestle Ukraine, highlighted the importance of innovations for brand owners: "Our company's innovative processes are supported not only by our internal requirements, but also by the capabilities of our suppliers. We are open to innovations coming from our suppliers of packaging solutions and expect them to be active. After all, our suppliers are specialists in their field of business, in which they, as professionals, know the trends and can with their innovations anticipate those processes that will be relevant for us. Therefore, due to their innovations, they can offer us ways to optimise our business, in particular, an increase in the communicative function of packaging with the end buyer in the outlets, and the optimisation of the cost, the structure of packaging and the technology of packaging the product."  

The guests and participants of the conference being the representatives of popular multinational brands such as Nestlé, Danone, Lactalis, Procter & Gamble, Jacobs Douwe Egberts Ukraine, PepsiCo and domestic producers such as Roshen, Konti, Veres, Schedro, Myronivsky Hliboproduct (MHP), Three Bears, Chumak, Biola, Cheese Club and many others, highly appreciated the level of preparation of the conference and its undoubted practical benefits for the development of their businesses.  

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