In this Innovation Spotlight, strapping specialist TEUFELBERGER introduces an innovative new strapping solution.

TEUFELBERGER has developed a new strapping solution for the printing and packaging industries, as well as the mailing and logistics sectors. It is not only easy to operate but also easy on the environment and easy to handle. With TEWE® SoPRIM®, our customers reach a new level of efficiency and protect the environment at the same time.   

Minimizing downtime in strapping machines and maximizing their efficiency is key in industries like printing and packaging. 50 years of experience with the strapping process has made TEUFELBERGER true experts in this field.

"We have re-analyzed every step a strapping band takes in the process. Material reduction and better performance through new technology are the results of the intensive development work at TEWE®SoPRIM®, which thrilled our customers in tests lasting several months," says Jürgen Scheiblehner, managing director of the strapping band division at TEUFELBERGER, describing the very positive feedback in the market.  

This new generation of 5 mm strapping takes the already well-established and proven qualities of TEWE® to yet another level. TEWE® SoPRIM® impresses with its high quality in use and protects the environment. In addition, the employees who work with otherwise heavy coils every day will feel the difference.

Easy to operate

At the very beginning of the strapping process, TEWE® SoPRIM® shows that it makes a difference. Strapping tends to deform when it rests in the accumulator box for longer periods. TEWE® SoPRIM® strapping exhibits superior stiffness and low deformation, as well as low memory effect. This allows your strapping system to start running immediately without any feeding issues.

The significant reduction of dust caused by the abrasion of the strapping band is outstanding. Less dust means less downtime. Another success factor is that TEWE® SoPRIM® offers maximum traction and minimizes slipping at the tensioning wheel. The experience with TEWE® SoPRIM® is also excellent there.


Easy on the environment

Recently, as a result of EU directives, waste and environmental aspects have been playing an increasingly important role in the market. TEUFELBERGER was one of the first to use recycled material for the manufacture of strapping bands decades ago. Sustainability is lived, last but not least, through the long-term orientation of a family business in its 7th generation. With our new product line TEWE® SoPRIM® we bring sustainability into our product range once again.

Compared with other packaging solutions, the strapping band itself contains significantly less plastic. With TEWE® SoPRIM®, the use of raw materials is reduced by a further 10%. In addition, the new spool solution only consists of two materials (polypropylene and cardboard) so the materials can be separated easily and recycled. TEWE® SoPRIM® has significantly lower CO² emissions and naturally meets the requirements of REACH.

Easy to handle

Employees are the most valuable resource of any company, which is why maintaining their health must be a top priority. In the development work, TEUFELBERGER has also paid particular attention to the packaging of TEWE® SoPRIM® and made it easier to use strapping spools on a daily basis. The box is equipped with practical handles. The load when lifting the spool out of the box is significantly reduced by the innovative design.


TEWE® SoPRIM®, 5mm is available from July 2020. For more information visit

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