Spectra has been developing a range of offerings designed at giving brands packaging with a purpose as part of its social responsibility initiatives.

Whether it’s adapting to differing applications, enhancing ease of use or simply adding value to customers product, Spectra continues to develop new ways to provide ground-breaking and meaningful objectives to solve consumer needs. 

Spectra recently introduced Illuminate, a ground-breaking print finish that is perfect for brands seeking an anti-counterfeiting packaging solution.

Illuminate is a clever print offering that glows brightly under ultraviolet light, yet isn't easily visible under normal lighting conditions, providing reassurance against today’s sophisticated product counterfeiters. 

Product counterfeiting can not only damage a brand's reputation, it can also create health risks to consumers because fake products are not subject to the same stringent testing that genuine products undertake before they are allowed onto the market.

As well as Illuminate, Spectra has also introduced Touch, a tactile print solution that gives brands the opportunity to add Braille to their packaging. 

Dots can be printed directly onto the surface of the bottle using extremely accurate control measures, which means the height of the Braille alphabet remains consistent throughout the packaging run without the need for custom tooling.

As well as benefiting blind and visually impaired consumers, Touch provides a embossed finish that can be used to highlight specific design features. 

Jonathan Powell Sales Director at Spectra said, “We firmly believe packaging should not only look great, it should also make a difference to the end-user. These two ground-breaking offerings provide solutions that can make a difference with social responsibility in mind.”

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