From October 23rd to 24th 2019, SPC Engage, to be held at the Design Museum in London, is designed to help brands and retailers understand how to  align their goals with larger global sustainability frameworks and commitments. 

It will provide key insights into goal setting and implementation unique to each organisation, and will cover key aspects such as the Sustainable Development Goals, the EU Circular Economy Package and the New Plastics Economy.

Of note, SPC Engage has recently announced a session feature: The Role of Labelling Schemes in Goals Execution: What Have We Learned About Behaviour Change? For the first time, the major global labelling programs will sit together to discuss their experiences in behaviour change; challenging and changing packaging design for better recyclability and navigating the complicated landscape of recycling infrastructure all over the world.

Speakers at the event share their thoughts ahead of the discussion:  

Ursula Denison, Packaging Recovery Organisation Europe (Green Dot) says, "Packaging in the future will be designed more and more for multinational if not global distribution. Communication on the sustainable separation of all waste streams, from residual waste to electronic waste, organics, packaging, textiles etc. should focus on local specifics and be communicated by local authorities in coordination with the different EPR organisations."

Kelly Cramer, SPC comments, "As global CPGs scale their sustainability initiatives globally, the fact remains that there are not always "global" solutions to fit every challenge. Given the complexity and diversity of recycling infrastructure and laws on consumer messaging across regions, how might we communicate recyclability in a way that meets the needs of brands but respects local realities?

The How2Recycle label membership grew by 45% in the last year in the United States and Canada. As this labelling system approaches critical mass in North America, how might we think about its presence in new regions in the future?"

Marianne Klimchuk, moderator, Fashion Institute of Technology, shares, "I believe strongly that packaging designs have the power to influence and change consumer behaviours. We often expect consumers to know what to do with the packaging after use but we do little to educate them. Redesigning packaging labelling, with effective communication about how to recycle is critical."

Jane Bevis from OPRL, says, "This is an exciting time in the world of packaging recycling. The recent DEFRA consultations have shown how a collaborative approach between consistent local council collections and extended producer responsibility will be key for making the change. And within that, ensuring the consumer is engaged with clear packaging labelling giving advice on its recyclability."

The SPC is a membership-based collaborative that believes in the power of industry to make packaging more sustainable.