SP Group began its TRAY2TRAY project two years ago, offering clients the opportunity to be an active part of the circular economy while contributing to improving the economic results of waste management. Today, the SP Group affirms its offering which fits in line with the European Commission’s Europe 2020 structural economic strategy.

Tray2Tray is created within SP Group’s Corporate Social Respon­sibility action framework. This Circular Economy project seeks to turn waste materials into second-generation raw mate­rials. Specifically, it is based on the recycling and reuse of all the APET and APET/PE rigid laminate, with or without a barrier, so that it can form part of new trays or other types of packaging.

The materials recycled and separated for later reuse consist of the excess and defective plastic from the SP Group manufacturing process, and the sub-product resulting from the packaging process of the food manufacturers.


Tray2Tray is a closed process in which SP GROUP takes care of everything.

The company provides clients with reels at their manufacturing plant where they can thermoform film and package their products.

The client collects the tray remnants and waste resulting from the production process and enters them into a waste press (provided free of charge by the SP Group).

The next step: three bale pallets are combined ready for loading. Once the client has 30 pallets, Ferrovial, a waste management company will remove the materials at no cost and will take them to an authorised waste management plant.

There they will separate the materials and return them to SP Group as clean flakes. All this is performed using a traceability system that guarantees the origin of the material is known at all times.

Once SP GROUP has the flakes at its factory, it returns them to the manu­facturing chain by means of the extrusion process, so that they re­turn to the client’s facilities in the form of new reels. This way SP Group is able to close the circle, turning waste from the manufacturing process into new trays.


One of the main benefits of the Tray2Tray project is that it allows clients to state their collaboration in the circular economy.

The European Commission has adopted the efficiency in the use of resources as the basis for its Europe 2020 structural economic strategy; therefore a commitment to the Tray2Tray project is in line with its objectives.

Using recycled materials helps preserve the environment, due to the reduction in the use of resources, waste and carbon footprint.

Companies that join Tray2Tray will not need to manage waste, as SP GROUP will do it free of charge. As there is no waste, there is no need to pay burial or incineration taxes, and by not incinerating the waste there are no toxic gas emissions. Companies that sign up to Tray2Tray will be awarded the EcoSense certificate by the PLASTIC SENSE Foundation.

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