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  • 17-PE-podcast

    ASASE: Giving waste plastics value in Ghana and beyond


    “Plastic is a problem when you make it a problem.” Dana Mosora and Hilda Addah set up ASASE Foundation to enable Ghanaian women entrepreneurs to cash in on the plastic waste in the country’s capital Accra to benefit their own communities. They discuss challenges and opportunities and also the broader picture of tackling plastic waste across the world with Elisabeth Skoda.

  • 16-PE-podcast

    Behind the scenes at the Global Plastics Treaty negotiations with Magnus Løvold


    What really happens at the Global Plastics Treaty INC negotiations, how did the most recent INC-4 unfold and what work is left to do before INC-5 in Busan? Victoria Hattersley finds out from Magnus Løvold of the Norwegian Academy of International Law.    

  • 15-PE-podcast

    The tipping point for digital print? HP’s Eli Mahal


    On the eve of drupa 2024, HP’s Eli Mahal discusses the landscape around print for packaging and labels, why advances in speed and productivity means digital print is poised to go mainstream, how HP is addressing packaging’s sustainability demands, and what challenges will define the innovation agenda over the coming years.

  • 14-PE-podcast

    Women in packaging – collaboration and breaking down barriers


    Women are a prominent presence in the packaging industry, but face challenges in what sometimes still is a male-dominated sector. Elisabeth Skoda speaks with two women who have made their mark on the industry – Nerida Kelton, Vice President Sustainability and Save Food for the World Packaging Organisation (WPO) and Executive Director for the Australian Institute of Packaging (AIP) and Luciana Pellegrino, General Manager of the Brazilian Packaging Association ABRE and the first ever female President of WPO

  • 13-PE-podcast (1)

    Developing a sustainable future


    Libby Munford catches up with Koon-Yang Lee, Professor of Polymer Engineering at Imperial College London and Lead of the Future Materials Group - a  dynamic research group consisting of scientists and engineers proficient in the development of chemical engineering-driven materials innovations to create a sustainable, resource efficient, low-carbon and low-waste future. Keeran Ward also joins the conversation from the University of Leeds, who focuses on developing alginate film for packaging. 

  • 101-PE-podcast

    Turning the tide on ocean plastics – a conversation with Raffi Schieir


    “I believe that the word ocean plastic is an overreach of a statement.” Prevented Ocean Plastic’s founder Raffi Schieir speaks to Elisabeth Skoda about challenges and myths around ocean plastics and explains why prevention is key.

  • 10-PE-podcast

    Returnable Packaging Systems: Achieving Net Zero with Safia Qureshi


    “…The building blocks are moving, all the CPGs are developing this. They might not openly talk about it, but it’s definitely happening behind the scenes.” 
    Libby Munford chats with CEO and founder of CLUBZERO, Safia Qureshi, to catch up on the latest news behind the scenes of Returnable Packaging Systems.

  • 09-PE-podcast

    Paptic & Emerald: collaboration reflections from a start-up and VC


    Tuomas Mustonen from Paptic and Fredric Petit from Emerald’s sustainable packaging fund reflect on the long journey of a renewable flexible packaging start-up from spin-out to a fast growing business with a mix of VC and corporate backers, what (apart from a winning technology) makes a start-up an investable proposition, and the benefits of a diverse shareholder base.

  • 07-PE-podcast (2)

    Out of sight, out of mind? Waste management with Calvin Lakhan


    Bridging the gap between academia, industry and government in issues surrounding waste. Libby Munford talks with Calvin Lakhan, co-investigator of “The Waste Wiki” university run research project, which uses evidence based and scientifically informed decision making to promote the principles of a circular economy and sustainable approach. 

  • 06-PE-podcast

    Reuse Part 1: Bringing reuse and refill to mainstream retail


    When it comes to the retail sector, what action is needed to scale up reuse and refill? Victoria Hattersley speaks with circular economy consultant Chris Baker.

  • 05-PE-podcast

    A deep dive into Pro Carton’s 2024 Consumer Study


    Pro Carton commissioned a series of studies that explore consumer attitudes towards and perception of packaging, covering a wide range of topics around sustainability and other global concerns such as the economic crisis and war in Ukraine. Pro Carton’s Winfried Muehling discusses insights and takeaways from the 2024 report with Elisabeth Skoda.

  • 04-PE-podcast

    Exploring packaging career pathways with Peter Macqueen


    Many people end up in the packaging industry by chance, but what makes a career in packaging rewarding and exciting, and what are the options for getting into the industry? Elisabeth Skoda speaks to Peter Macqueen, who is course leader for the Packaging Professional BSc at Sheffield Hallam University in the UK and they explore pathways into the packaging industry, the landscape of packaging education, the trends shaping the industry and much more.

  • 03-PE-podcast

    Navigating the connected packaging landscape with Güneri Tugcu and Jenny Stanley


    Güneri Tugcu, senior partner manager, Transparency at Amazon, and Jenny Stanley, managing director at Appetite Creative, sit down with Packaging Europe to discuss the connected packaging industry – its continual evolution, current roadblocks, how it might move forward, and who is responsible for driving change.

  • 01-SP-podcast (1)

    Microfibrillated cellulose and the future of renewable packaging


    In our latest Sustainability Perspectives podcast, the experts from Stora Enso Packaging Materials discuss microfibrillated cellulose (MFC) as an innovation that enables lightweight paperboard. Elisabeth Skoda speaks to Kati Ekman, Tuomas Puonti and Mateo Saavedra del Oso about MFC, its role in lightweighting and how it supports the efficient use of fibres.

  • 02-PE-podcast-linkedin (1)

    4evergreen chair Sarah Price on progress in paper packaging circularity


    Newly elected chair of 4evergreen, the European platform bringing the entire fibre-based packaging value chain together to advance circularity, discusses the journey, opportunities and challenges for paper-based packaging in 2024.

  • 01-PE-thumbnail

    David Luttenberger & Tim Sykes discuss the packaging innovation landscape in 2024


    With the global packaging Sustainability Awards and Dow’s Packaging Innovation Awards opening for submissions, Mintel’s David Luttenberger - the world’s foremost Packaging Geek and jury member on both competitions - speaks to Tim Sykes about key trends on the innovation landscape, and the advances we hope to see emerging in the coming year.

  • sps-podcast-siegwerk

    Tracing the life cycle of inks and coatings with Siegwerk


    Printing inks and coatings not only add colour to product labels and packaging, but also ensure their functionality and safety. Siegwerk’s Alina Marm discusses the product journey and the material aspects that play a part in each step of the production process with Elisabeth Skoda, looking at innovations in the areas of ink and coating with a particular focus on the company’s UniNATURE range.

    We previously spoke with Alina about her PhD work around packaging and human rights – you can listen to that conversation here.

  • DEC-19-Hatzopoulos

    Unpacking circular packaging films with Hatzopoulos


    Hatzopoulos’s Eleftherios Kassianidis and Lefki Prountzou take a close-up look at the challenges and opportunities around plastic films that incorporate post-consumer recycled and bio-circular content together with Elisabeth Skoda, using the example of the company’s X-LOOP range.

  • DEC-4-Achim-Grefenstein

    Focus on packaging films


    “The whole industry is working to improve the quality of recyclates, and we can only do that together without too much compromise.”Constantia Flexibles’ Achim Grefenstein talks to Elisabeth Skoda about challenges and opportunities around recyclability and using recycled content for packaging films and spotlights new developments and innovations.

  • podcast-website-holygrail

    The latest from HolyGrail 2.0


    Following the HolyGrail 2.0 member meeting just ahead of Packaging Europe’s Sustainable Packaging Summit and an insightful panel discussion at the event, Elisabeth Skoda catches up with Jan ’t Hart, the European Brands Association’s project manager for the HolyGrail 2.0 project, and Pranav Goenka, one of the Alliance’s senior advisors. Together, they look at the role that digital watermarking can play in increasing sorting and recycling rates, explore the final phase of R&D trials to prepare for market entry, the launch of a pilot market in France in 2024 and steps towards market adoption at scale.