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    Microfibrillated cellulose and the future of renewable packaging


    In our latest Sustainability Perspectives podcast, the experts from Stora Enso Packaging Materials discuss microfibrillated cellulose (MFC) as an innovation that enables lightweight paperboard. Elisabeth Skoda speaks to Kati Ekman, Tuomas Puonti and Mateo Saavedra del Oso about MFC, its role in lightweighting and how it supports the efficient use of fibres.

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    4evergreen chair Sarah Price on progress in paper packaging circularity


    Newly elected chair of 4evergreen, the European platform bringing the entire fibre-based packaging value chain together to advance circularity, discusses the journey, opportunities and challenges for paper-based packaging in 2024.

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    David Luttenberger & Tim Sykes discuss the packaging innovation landscape in 2024


    With the global packaging Sustainability Awards and Dow’s Packaging Innovation Awards opening for submissions, Mintel’s David Luttenberger - the world’s foremost Packaging Geek and jury member on both competitions - speaks to Tim Sykes about key trends on the innovation landscape, and the advances we hope to see emerging in the coming year.

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    Tracing the life cycle of inks and coatings with Siegwerk


    Printing inks and coatings not only add colour to product labels and packaging, but also ensure their functionality and safety. Siegwerk’s Alina Marm discusses the product journey and the material aspects that play a part in each step of the production process with Elisabeth Skoda, looking at innovations in the areas of ink and coating with a particular focus on the company’s UniNATURE range.

    We previously spoke with Alina about her PhD work around packaging and human rights – you can listen to that conversation here.

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    Unpacking circular packaging films with Hatzopoulos


    Hatzopoulos’s Eleftherios Kassianidis and Lefki Prountzou take a close-up look at the challenges and opportunities around plastic films that incorporate post-consumer recycled and bio-circular content together with Elisabeth Skoda, using the example of the company’s X-LOOP range.

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    Focus on packaging films


    “The whole industry is working to improve the quality of recyclates, and we can only do that together without too much compromise.”Constantia Flexibles’ Achim Grefenstein talks to Elisabeth Skoda about challenges and opportunities around recyclability and using recycled content for packaging films and spotlights new developments and innovations.

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    The latest from HolyGrail 2.0


    Following the HolyGrail 2.0 member meeting just ahead of Packaging Europe’s Sustainable Packaging Summit and an insightful panel discussion at the event, Elisabeth Skoda catches up with Jan ’t Hart, the European Brands Association’s project manager for the HolyGrail 2.0 project, and Pranav Goenka, one of the Alliance’s senior advisors. Together, they look at the role that digital watermarking can play in increasing sorting and recycling rates, explore the final phase of R&D trials to prepare for market entry, the launch of a pilot market in France in 2024 and steps towards market adoption at scale.

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    Shining a spotlight on the PPWR


    Following the European parliament’s adoption of amendments to the European Packaging and Packaging Waste Regulation (PPWR), Tim Sykes speaks to Avery Dennison’s policy specialists Emilie Bartolini and Alena Maran to get their take on implications for the value chain, challenges and opportunities and the company’s actions to ‘PPWR-proof’ itself and its partners.

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    Sustainability Perspectives: New horizons with moulded fibre packaging


    What is the potential of moulded fibre packaging? Hartmann Group’s Kati Ørskov talks about the company’s new Greenpack MAP packaging, a fibre-based tray for meat, with Elisabeth Skoda.

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    A deep dive into trends and developments in corrugated packaging


    Stefano Rossi has been CEO of DS Smith’s packaging division since 2014 and has some 35 years of experience working in the paper industry. He chats to Packaging Europe’s Tim Sykes about key changes and developments in the industry, challenges the sector faces and strategies to address these, and looks at innovation opportunities in the areas of extended functionality, new applications and pushing the possibilities of what corrugated packaging can do.

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    Labelling innovations and the circular economy


    In our latest snapshot Sustainability Perspectives podcast, we take a closer look at how label innovation can support the transition to a circular economy, from reusable packaging to recyclability and food waste prevention. Elisabeth Skoda speaks to CCL Labels’ Marika Knorr and Checkpoint Systems’ Julien Thibult.

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    Stay disruptive: A close-up look at packaging and brand design


    The landscape of packaging and brand packaging design has changed remarkably over the last decades. Industry stalwarts David Hodgson and Andrew Eyles, co-founders of bluemarlin brand acceleration agency share their insights on how the industry has transformed, discuss what makes this such an exciting industry to be in and take a glimpse at future developments with Elisabeth Skoda.

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    Sustainability Perspectives: Focus on post-consumer recycled content


    With increasing sustainability demands, companies have to find ways to make their packaging more sustainable without sacrificing functionality. Dirk Gabriel, COO Consumer Flexibles at Mondi, sheds light on how including post-consumer recycled content (PCR) can help companies reach their sustainability goals, and will discuss what challenges have to be overcome to reach this goal as well as innovations in the pipeline.

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    Recycling, recyclate and the consumer


    In our latest podcast, we discuss how growing demands on packaging functionality can be tackled and how companies can honour both their own sustainability commitments and consumer demands with David Clark, vice president of sustainability at Amcor, and Jeremy Wallach,  partner at McKinsey & Company.

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    Packaging and human rights


    An issue that is often overlooked in discussions about packaging sustainability and sourcing recyclates is social injustice - and with it human rights abuses. Alina Marm is not only head of global sustainability and circular economy at Siegwerk, but also a PhD researcher at the University College London, and she has been looking into this issue in-depth as part of her doctorate. She discusses challenges and possible steps to address the problem with Elisabeth Skoda. 

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    Sustainability Perspectives: Driving growth


    In the first edition of our snapshot Sustainability Perspectives podcast, where we look at sustainability issues in a compact form, Alex Pitsinos, director of strategic planning at Matrix Pack, explores the current economic, business and packaging landscape and sustainability as a growth driver.

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    Pathways through the decarbonisation maze


    In our latest podcast, we revisit the topic of decarbonisation from a packaging perspective – a topic that is becoming ever more relevant and urgent. Sarah Laidler, senior consultant at the Carbon Trust speaks to Elisabeth Skoda about the complexities around decarbonisation, the UN treaty to end plastic waste and how this ties in with carbon, the impact of different packaging materials and much more.

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    A deep dive into Extended Producer Responsibility


    In our latest podcast, we take a closer look at Extended Producer Responsibility. Elisabeth Skoda speaks with Gillian Carside-Wight, consulting director at Aura. 

    In our latest podcast, we take a closer look at Extended Producer Responsibility. EPR policies generally shift the waste management cost or physical collection partially or fully from local governments to producers. Elisabeth Skoda explores recent developments, sustainability issues EPR can help to address and challenges it can pose to businesses, and how these can be overcome with Gillian Carside-Wight, consulting director at Aura. 

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    How to create a circular self-adhesive label industry?


    CELAB Europe is a collaboration across the self-adhesive label value chain, aiming to create greater circularity by promoting the recycling of release liner and matrix in Europe.
    Frances Butler speaks to Ophelie Gourdou, project co-ordinator at CELAB Europe, Herma’s Ralf Drache, who is also chairman of CELAB Europe, and CCL’s Marika Knorr of CCL, who is also communication WS leader at CELAB Europe, to find out more about the collaboration, achievements and challenges of current recycling solutions and how brand owners could play an important part in future plans.

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    Sustainability Perspectives: Key trends around packaging & labelling sustainability


    What are the key sustainability challenges in packaging, and in particular labelling this year? What does the new Packaging and Packaging Waste Revision mean for the sector? What are the implications for reuse and refill packaging models and downstream demands for innovations, including the wash-off label space?Packaging Europe’s Tim Sykes speaks to Avery Dennison’s Adis-Sophie Frémont and Rob Groen in ’t Wout, and Cory Connors, host of Sustainable Packaging with Cory Connors, to find out more.