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    How to create a circular self-adhesive label industry?


    CELAB Europe is a collaboration across the self-adhesive label value chain, aiming to create greater circularity by promoting the recycling of release liner and matrix in Europe.
    Frances Butler speaks to Ophelie Gourdou, project co-ordinator at CELAB Europe, Herma’s Ralf Drache, who is also chairman of CELAB Europe, and CCL’s Marika Knorr of CCL, who is also communication WS leader at CELAB Europe, to find out more about the collaboration, achievements and challenges of current recycling solutions and how brand owners could play an important part in future plans.

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    Sustainability Perspectives: Key trends around packaging & labelling sustainability


    What are the key sustainability challenges in packaging, and in particular labelling this year? What does the new Packaging and Packaging Waste Revision mean for the sector? What are the implications for reuse and refill packaging models and downstream demands for innovations, including the wash-off label space?Packaging Europe’s Tim Sykes speaks to Avery Dennison’s Adis-Sophie Frémont and Rob Groen in ’t Wout, and Cory Connors, host of Sustainable Packaging with Cory Connors, to find out more.

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    Connecting the packaging sustainability dots – in Africa and beyond


    The world faces a plastic waste problem. Joint-up thinking is needed to address this considerable challenge.
    Clem Ugorji is the founder and lead advisor at Circularium Africa Advisory, a partnership which works to join up policies, programmes and partnerships to enable growth and sustainable development, and a consultant to the World Economic Forum (WEF) and the Global Plastic Action Partnership (GPAP). He discusses problems and solutions to the challenges the world and the industry is facing with Elisabeth Skoda.

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    Sustainability Perspectives: Trends in flexible packaging and adhesives


    Flexible packaging offers great functionality, but also faces some sustainability challenges. Justine Hanlon, H.B. Fuller’s Global Marketing Manager for flexible materials, discusses the latest developments and innovations in flexible packaging and adhesives and takes a look at what to expect in the year to come with Elisabeth Skoda.

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    The brand owner’s packaging perspective - KIND


    KIND, part of the Mars family, has announced that it is utilising materials sourced from advanced recycling to package its snack bars, aiming to reduce the amount of virgin plastics in its packaging portfolio. 
    Elisabeth Skoda speaks to Liz Jacobsen, who is global technical sustainability director at KIND to discuss how the development of the material, the challenges and opportunities around creating recyclable packaging from recycled materials, and KIND’s wider sustainability strategies.

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    Sustainability Perspectives: Flexible packaging and food waste


    Martina Wagner, Constantia Flexibles’ Group Sustainability Manager, discusses the sustainability potential and challenges of flexible packaging and its role when it comes to preventing food waste with Elisabeth Skoda. 

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    A spotlight on e-commerce packaging trends and developments


    As the e-commerce sector keeps growing, so are the demands on packaging. In our latest Sustainability Perspectives podcast, we look at the latest trends and developments in sustainability and beyond, the impact of changing legislation and consumer expectations and how this influences brands’ actions. We also explore concrete solutions and future developments. Elisabeth Skoda speaks to Tania Montesi, who is Global E-Commerce Manager at H.B. Fuller.

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    Sustainability Perspectives: Flexible packaging - from plastics to paper


    Sustainability demands on flexible packaging, both plastic and paper, have changed over the years. In our latest Sustainability Perspectives podcast, Mondi Group’s Fabio Peyer discusses how different requirements on packaging can be balanced, how to address the challenges of designing for recycling and incorporating recycled content, and how the company plans on reaching the goal of having 100% reusable, recyclable or compostable products by 2025. 

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    Focus on fiber-based technology innovation


    In our latest podcast, we take a closer look at technology and innovation advances in fiber-based packaging. We explore how these advances boost the material’s functionality and enable it to cater for ever more sophisticated customer demands. Packaging Europe’s Elisabeth Skoda speaks to Francisco Galindo, Head of Technology in Huhtamaki’s Fiber and Foodservice business segment.  

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    Paving the way for circular food-grade recycled polypropylene


    NEXTLOOPP, the overall winner of Packaging Europe’s 2021 Sustainability Awards, set out to close the loop on polypropylene by creating food-grade recycled PP from post-consumer packaging. Professor Edward Kosior, the founder and creator of NEXTLOOPP speaks to Elisabeth Skoda about the project’s work, roadblocks to plastics recycling and the impact of regulations and shares the latest updates on trials with major brands.

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    Sustainability Perspectives: Exploring the potential of paper packaging with Koehler


    In the latest podcast in our Sustainability Perspectives series, we speak to Alexander Rauer, Head of Business Development FlexTech at Koehler Paper, about the role of paper packaging in brands’ sustainability efforts, and how to navigate the challenges and opportunities associated with making the transition to paper. 

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    Design for recycling: The role of adhesives


    Wladimir Moraes, global market manager at Bostik, and Fabrizio Di Gregorio, technical director of Plastic Recyclers Europe and head of RecyClass, discuss the importance of high-quality recycling to achieve circularity and the role adhesives can play with Elisabeth Skoda

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    A deep dive into the power of smart packaging


    Earlier this year, AIPIA (the Active and Intelligent Packaging Industry Association) and Packaging Europe entered a strategic partnership, with the aim to accelerate the uptake of smart packaging innovation.

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    Zooming in on cross value chain collaboration


    Packaging Europe’s Global Packaging Innovation Forum event helped spark a collaboration between Blue Box Partners and H.B. Fuller, which resulted in a series of dedicated sessions, the Innovation Academies. At these events, partners across the value chain work together on co-designing tomorrow’s packaging solutions.

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    Mura Technology on the WWF chemical recycling principles


    In this podcast, Hannah Cole speaks to Dr Geoff Brighty from Mura Technology about what the WWF’s recently-released chemical recycling principles mean for the chemical recycling industry as it builds on current opportunities and challenges.

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    HFSS food rule changes and the packaging supply chain


    New rules governing the placement and promotion of HFSS foods (high in fat, sugar and salt) will come into force in the UK in October 2022, changing the way these products can be sold and promoted in-store. This will impact manufacturers, brand owners, retailers and packaging producers. Elisabeth Skoda speaks to Mark Patterson, who is Vice President Global Packaging Solutions at DHL, to get his take on how this might affect the industry.

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    Discussing sustainability and more with UNESDA Soft Drinks Europe


    Elisabeth Skoda discusses progress made towards UNESDA’s Circular Packaging Vision 2030 as well as the associations plans and goals with  director general Nicholas Hodac.

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    Sustainability Perspectives: Fiber-based packaging for FMCG


    Elisabeth Skoda explores the technology behind fiber-based packaging, a material that has been growing in popularity, looks at challenges and opportunities and discusses potential future developments with Herwin Wichers, Head of FMCG Category, Huhtamaki Fiber and Foodservice Europe-Asia-Oceania.

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    Closing the loop on plastic packaging in Kenya and beyond


    Certified B Corporation Mr Green Africa sets out to have a sustainable, long-term social, environmental and economic impact through the collection, conversion and selling of post consumer waste. Dow recently invested in the company to enable further diversion of plastic waste and to help close the loop. Elisabeth Skoda speaks to Dow’s Adwoa Coleman and Mr Green Africa’s Keiran Smith to learn more.

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    Sustainability Perspectives: Mondi gives eCommerce insights


    Daniela Dorner, Group eCommerce Director, Mondi Group sits down with Libby Munford, Editor, Packaging Europe to discuss how eCommerce is here to stay - but it must be sustainable. How can packaging be part of the solution?