Our latest Innovation Spotlight comes courtesy of Danaflex, who introduces its full PP and full PE solutions.

People who care about the inhabitants and nature of the Earth create comfort and security today for comfort tomorrow. They change the world, and Danaflex is among those who care.

We want to create comfortable and safe packaging for life, so we invented a new 100% sustainable full PP and full PE packaging that respects nature and doesn't seem to exist. It turns out that Danaflex leaves no traces behind and we proudly proclaim our mission. Non-existent package by Danaflex: proudly leaving no trace behind.  

We created a sustainable flexible packaging solution for coffee and snacks that can be fully recycled. Our new full PP and full PE solutions provide high barrier properties without the use of aluminum foil, thus allowing recyclability, which plays an integral role in future packaging designs and structures with regard to the sustainable use of resources. Keeping materials in closed cycles minimizes waste and avoids leakage that causes ecological and economic harm.

Implementing full PP and full PE sustainable solutions created by Danaflex gives food and non-food industry brand owners a lot of advantages. Designed specifically for recycling, and in collaboration with value-chain partners, it is a perfect packaging for product protection in terms of barrier to humidity, aromas, or gases that maintains the freshness of the food without the use of preservers.  

Moreover, full PP and full PE solutions by Danaflex show excellent aesthetics and haptics, with matt or glossy appearance and high pack stability. Converting technology in Danaflex is the key to achieving great performance in printing, lamination, and pouch making, leading to optimum machinability for the customer. 

Recycled packaging for coffee and snacks made by Danaflex could have a second life in different spheres, for instance, it can be used for the production of containers and other products that are around us in our daily routines.

This content was sponsored by Danaflex.