Speed, accuracy and reliability: these are the three key factors that distinguish the new stacking robot series supplied with the ACF thermoforming machines.

Presented for the first time during K Show 2016 in Düsseldorf the last October, the ACF is now for AMUTCOMI the top-of-the-range model because of the positive response received from both national and international markets. Such successful feedback is mainly due to the peculiarity of ACF series of ensuring a high flexibility in production, in terms of variety of articles and process materials, a high standardisation level, high performances and the best value for money.

AMUT-COMI R&D Division has designed and developed in house this technology to fulfil the potentials of all ACF models and to offer an unrivalled solution properly studied for this sector, as alternative to the standard systems available on the market.

The new stacking robots, proposed as an evolution of the classic vertical wall stacker, areavailable in two models:

- ER2X: consists of a vertical axe to pick up and discharge the articles and one horizontal axe to take the parts from the picking station to the stacking unit;- ER3X: is equipped, in addition to the vertical and horizontal axe, with a third rotating axe, 0°-180°, to turn parts for A-B stacking or other purpose. This system allows getting different stacking possibilities depending on the characteristics of the products.

EASY, the performing software, made possible to implement a work circle of the robot completely harmonized with all operations of the thermoforming machine. The axis interpolation during the movements permits the optimized displacements of the articles, from the picking up to the discharging points, and to achieve higher speed, up to 40 cycles/min. The robot skills have been definitely enhanced.

A specific page has been purposely created to provide the operator with wide flexibility in setting all the cycle parameters of the robot. The interface is user-friendly and intuitive.

EASY has been developed to comply with the concept of 4.0 Industry and enables the AMUT-COMI thermoforming machines to be networked with the Digital Factory for a Smart Production.

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